Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Round 3, Game 6 - Detroit 3, Anaheim 4

It all comes down to this.

I will update at intermissions, but there will be no live blog this game. It's too important to worry about who wins which face off, what time that goal might have been scored or who's going off for which (bullshit) penalty.

I want to watch... and I'll update at intermission.

I had the ducks picked in 6. I wish for anything to be wrong.

I already feel sick.

End of First Period.

Anaheim won the opening face off, and scored short handed just under 4 minutes in.

Detroit came out playing horribly, just as i suspected.

Each team has had 2 penalties. Holmstrom for tripping and Lidstrom for interference with under a minute left. So Anaheim will start the second with a power play. Great. *eye roll*

Marchant also got a tripping call. And the team received a too many men penalty, neither power play was scored on. By the Wings anyway. It was during Marchant's penalty that Rob Neidermayer scored the only goal of the game.

Shots are 14 - 7 for Anaheim.


Score is 2-0 Anaheim

We've gotten 3 shots on net this period. Can't score if we don't have shots. So i guess we won't be scoring.

It was a good Season. Thanks you guys, for 6 extra weeks of Hockey. I love you and I'll miss you. See you in October...

Shouldn't we get something for 3rd?

Okay, Ladies. Last Blog for the Red Wings for the season. I'm not going to continue to feel horrible while i tell you what's going on.

The Effs have beaten the Wings. Shots are 13 - 26. This one is over, as is the season.

See you in the finals. Go Ottawa!

Detroit did attempt a late game comeback, scoring 3 goals in the 3rd period, but it wasn't enough. Better things could have happend if the Effs had called some of the penalties at the end of the game - like with 32 seconds left and we have a guy getting dryhumped in front of the net so badly that he can't stand up... Ironically, that's the time when the ref's shouldn't be calling penalties... they should be allowing the game to be won or lost based on talent alone. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case in game 5, when the Effs gaveDatsyuk on a fluke interference penalty allowing the last 2 minutes of the game to be played with a 2 man advantage down low and score the tying goal in the final minute to take it to overtime. If your going to call them at the end of one game, you should at the end of all games.

To late now. I lothe the thought of Chris Pronger getting his name on the Stanley Cup... about as much as i Lothe Pamela Anderson in a picture with her ass on it. Slut. I hope she dies. Someone want to hit her in the chest with a hockey puck... oh wait, you might want to aim further up like her throat or face, because she's got some ginormus ugly fake breasts that the puck will either deflect off or be consumed by.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Live Blog - Round 3, Game 5 - Detroit 1, Anaheim 2

(Look at these beautiful swedes! Franzen, Kronwall, Lilja, Zetterberg, Samuelsson, Lidstrom & Holmstrom. This could make for a great dream)

Gameday, Boys. We're back home. We're good at home. We've been tied at 2 before... And won.

Chris Pronger: "he's quite a bit shorter than me. It's just law of physics."

Are you kidding me? Then lower your elbows, you fuckface.

Tomas Holmstrom: "You've seen him do that before, so I'm not surprised he did it again."

Dominik Hasek: "If he said anything like that, it's a shame because it was a clear hit to Tomas' head. Pronger, he knew exactly what he was doing."

When asked Saturday about comments he made on Friday about the officiating, the reason he was suspended and the hit on Homer, his response was, "I'm not going to rehash what was said long ago. I need to focus on the game and not worry about what you guys want or don't want me to say."

Chris Pronger is a jackass. He knows as much about physics as he does about time. Yesterday was entirely TOO long ago to talk about today. Moron. Someone needs to skate him in the groin and say "It's physics. I'm quite abit shorter than that idiot."

Gametime - 2 Hours.


20:00 - Opening Face Off controlled by Detroit

19:30 - Offsides on Anaheim
FO - Anaheim

18:36 - Into mesh behind Hasek
FO - Anaheim


17:47 - Lebda gets a holding - Anaheim gets away with too many men - bullshit.
FO - Anaheim

17:34 - Save Hasek
FO - Anaheim

17:07 - Netting behind Hasek
FO - Anaheim

16:15 - Into Detroit bench off an EFF
FO - Detroit

15:03 Giguere covers a wild puck
FO - Detroit

14:48 - Into mesh again
FO - Missed it - had to use the potty

didn't seem to miss much though

10:01 i think... Offsides on Detroit

My laptop died and i lost a bunch of info. Son of a bitch!

FO - Detroit

3:59 - Offsides on Detroit
FO - Anaheim

3:33 Save Hasek & Fights ensue
Crowd seems happy during replays. Perry Draper May Kopecky... whos all going? Ooh, all of them but May. Anaheim gets a power play.
FO - Detroit

Pronger - BOOOooo...!!!
Beautiful Penalty Kill!

Chelios lays out Moen near the benches. WOOT!

1:06 Franzen gets a hooking penalty. Bleck!
FO - Anaheim

7.9 Anaheim goes offsides
FO - Anaheim

Detroit with another nice penalty kill. Well, 1:06 of it. .54 seconds left in the Power Play to start the second.
First Period is over.
Shots are 11 - 8 for Anaheim.

20:00 Face off controlled by: Anaheim

Actually, Detroit has the advantage in shots.. Not the Ducks.

19:50 - Offisides Anaheim
FO - Anaheim

power play over

Samuelsson wiffs on the puck

18:06 Hasek makes a save and is run into afterwards
FO - Detroit

Bertuzzi needs more time to learn to be a Red Wing

16:47 - Stop in play
Fo - Anaheim

Anaheim seems able to do what ever they want...

13:47 SCORE! LILJA! Announcers were speechless. They had no idea he'd scored.
FO - Missed it.

12:something - Save by Giguere
FO - Detroit

12:04 Detroit Power Play - Marchant for Holding
FO - Anaheim

10:43 Save Giguere.
FO - I missed it cuz i was putting Visine into my hubby's eye cuz he poked it yesterday with a stick. Or - it got poked...

PP was kinda shitty :(

9:53 Power Play Detroit. - Delay of Game on the Ducks
FO - Anaheim

8:16 Hasek was really smart to read the play and come way out to play the puck to give the wings the odd man rush but the puck goes over Giguere and hits the net.
FO Detroit

Bertuzzi doesn't want to shoot.

The power play was a lot better, but no conversion.

Shots are 20 - 10 for Detroit

6:25 Save Giguere after Franzen is leveled behind the net
FO - Anaheim

5:44 Penalty on Pronger for Holding.
FO - Anaheim

4:20 Detroit gets a 35 second 2 man advantage. Tripping on ODonald.
FO - Detroit

2 man is over - no conversion

3:44 - Save Giguere
FO - Screwed up by Bertuzzi

2:49 Save Giguere
FO - Detroit, but not cleanly as it goes out of the zone

PP over

2:14 Save Giguere
FO - Anaheim

1:48 Held too long by Hasek
FO - Anaheim

Lilja seems hurt after blocking a Pronger shot.

46.4 Icing on Ducks
Pronger is delaying the face off becuase he can't change.
FO - Anaheim

Second Period over. Detroit 1, Anaheim 0 after 2. Shots 26 to 11 in favor of Detroit


20:00 FO controlled by Detroit (i think)

18:43 Offsides on Anaheim
FO - Detroit

Ducks playing with a vengence to start this period. Detroit couldn't get it out of the zone.

18:15 - Offsides Detroit
FO - Anaheim - Pronger booed

16:08 Detroit gets a penalty. Lilja Phantom call.
FO - Anaheim

15:28 - Franzen tripped up and Pronger goes to the box. 4 on 4 for 1:20
FO - Anaheim but it goes way down deep

Still - "Good Defensive Play" = No call for holding.

Detroit with a 40 second power play.

Power Play over. Than you for changing camera's. We couldn't see shit.

12:55 - Offsides on Anaheim
FO - Detroit?

12:30 Maltby wants a charging, but not getting it. Draper crushes Perry.
FO - Detroit

Did you see Quincey go flying? Holy fuck.

10:35 - Offsides
FO - Detroit

9:01 It hits the post behind Giguere - EFF!

Steve has a nervous breakdown every time Hasek leaves the net. It IS always an adventure.

a little more than 7 left in the third.

6:57 - Icing on detroit
COMMERCIAL - That one from last game i told you... icewater to cold for the guy. He won't make it in the NHL
FO - Anaheim

6:38 Into Detroit bench.
FO - Anaheim

5:44 i think - Save Giguere
COMMERCIAL - The Dodge Fantasticar.
FO - Detroit

5:15 - Anaheim gets away with another too many men
FO - Detroit

4:19 Penalty to the Ducks - for Holding. Mot-something.
FO - Anaheim

3:29 - Offsides Detroit as there's a hurt Duck. He may have sprained his wing.
FO - Anaheim

about 2 and a half left. Detroit 1, Anaheim 0 Still. 2 minutes left.

1:47 - Datsyuk is getting a Penalty. Finish the game with a 2 man advantage due to them pulling the goalie.

maybe we'll get a empty net?


FO - Detroit

47.3 - Neidermayer ties it.

God Dammit.

FO - Anaheim

Going to fucking overtime. Jesus H. Christ. A post and the outside of an empty net.

Thank you Brett Hull. Detroit Wins because we "Deserve" to win. Let's go with it.

20:00 - Face Off controlled by Detroit

19:49 - Icing already by Detroit
FO - Anaheim

I hate overtime. I hate Playoff overtime more than i've ever hated a shootout in my life.
And let me tell ya, i pretty much despise shootouts. We're better than a loss in this game. I knew they'd score on that final power play, But like Hull said, we deserve to win. However, controlling the puck in the offensive zone would be awesome.

4 gone in Overtime

14:57 - Save by Hasek.
FO - Getzlaf won but not controlled by them.

13:43 - Icing on the Ducks
FO - Detroit

12:41 - Giguere saves after a detroit odd man. Zetterberg lands on his ass. Homer couldn't get both hands on his stick to get to the open net.
FO - Anaheim

12:07 - Detroit Power Play... COOOME OOOON!!!!
Fo - Detroit

11:41 - Save Giguere
FO - Detroit

10:51 - Off the mesh
FO - Anaheim

40 left in the power play.

20 left

And the PP is done. No good

9:00 Held by Hasek.
Someone want to high stick the announcer guy between the benches?
FO - Anaheim

8:53 - Save by Hasek after Homer made himself look stupid going down.
FO - Anaheim

salanne scored wings lose

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Live Blog - Round 3, Game 4 - Detroit 3, Anaheim 5

Chris Pronger will not be playing this evenings game, due to a suspension for "finishing his check"

And by that, he obviously means - by the look at the picture to the left - following through by holding him to the boards all the way to the ice... Neidermayer has finished his check into Holmstrom and has his mind on the puck again. Pronger, however, still has his focus on our guy and is making sure he goes down.

Either way, Pronger is out and we're going to have to keep on our toes tonight. Teams tend to play better when they are missing a player.

Gametime in 105 minutes.


20:00 - Opening face off controlled by Anaheim

18:23 - Perry scores for the Ducks after Bertuzzi gives it away. 1-0 Ducks
FO - Anaheim

17:54 - Into netting behind Hasek
FO - Detroit

16:31 - SCORE - Detroit!!! Dan Cleary! 1-1
FO - Anaheim

12:17 Shots 6 - 4 Wings - Stop in play
FO - Detroit

11:32 - Icing on Anaheim
FO - Detroit

11:29 - Save by Giguere immediately after the face off won by Detroit
FO - Detroit again

11:18 - Giguere has to hang onto the puck again. Detroit is playing well
FO - Detroit :)

Bertuzzi can get the puck TO the net, just not in it.

10:50 - Giguere makes another save just outside the post.
FO - Anaheim - and they finally get it out of their zone

9:41 - Detroit is getting a too many men. Even though those who were changing weren't playing the puck. Refs are dumb effers. They aren't Refs. They're EFFS!
FO - Anaheim

8:14 - Anaheim scores on a weird bounce off a deflection. 2-1 Anaheim
FO - Detroit

First goal Detroit has let in on a penalty kill in 6 games. First Goal by Anaheim on a pp this series.

6:45 - Held by Giguere as Quincey is going into the dressingroom.
FO - Anaheim

6:09 - Penalty on Datsyuk for tripping.
FO - Missed it - not sure they showed it.

5:07 a Duck went offsides
FO - Detroit

4:13 - Held by Giguere with .4 left on the penalty to Datsyuk.
FO - Anaheim

3:36 - Offsides on a duck again. Ducks can't see the blueline?
FO - Detroit

3:12 - Held by Hasek
FO - Anaheim

2:33 - Held by Giguere
Missed it

1:29 - A bad bounce in front of Hasek allows Selanne to score over Hasek's shoulder
How is it that the games i worry about we win, easily i might add, and those i'm not worried about, we tend to have our asses handed to us. 3-1 Anaheim
FO - Detroit

1:07 - Stop in play near the bench, didn't see why
FO - Detroit

Hasek needs to stop venturing from the fucking net. Every Red Wings fan pisses themselves just a tiny bit every time.
Detroit gets no power plays in the first, although they should have had at least 2 for interferance

7.3 - Giguere has to make a quick save.
FO - Missed it.

Shots are like 15 - 8 for Detroit - we're actually outshooting. But Its back to that Shoot everything game and nothing goes by. I hate that!

Quincey is back

20:00 - FO controlled by Anaheim

19:11 Penalty on Scott Neidermayer for Tripping Samuelsson. Dirty Tripper!
FO - Anaheim :(

17:57 - Penalty on ODonnell.. Donald.. The Ducks. 2 man Advantage for 47 second
FO - Detroit

Lidstrom Disgustingly made a save at the blueline to keep it in the zone.
2 man advantage is over and it was taken out of the zone. Didn't see who but someone closed his hand on it at center and it wasn't called.
20 left in the second penalty.

Bertuzzi kinda sucks. Penalty over and 2 of our guys get Hammered at the crease with no calls.

15:45 - Giguere saved it.
FO - Detroit

Is Luigi Mario at a Ducks game?

14:29 - Save hasek
FO - Anaheim

Yes, Mario's last name is Mario. Its Mario Mario and Luigi Mario. And Luigi is at the game.

13:46 Detroit will get a power play after the
FO - Anaheim but held in by Detroit... ya know, for a second.

13:13 Into bench
FO - Anaheim

12:12 Todd Bertuzzi SCORES! (did i say he sucks? i must have been lying) 3-2 Anaheim
FO - Detroit-ish

11:47 - No penalty to Detroit as the puck was actually deflected over the glass.
FO - Anaheim

11:10 - The Ducks on teh Bench feel that they need to "Help along" with whatever is going on with Cleary on the ice. PUNCH HIM CLEARY! IN HIS BRUISED EYE! (just don't get punched in your bruised eye)
Dan Cleary goes to the Bin for 4? .. along with Robby Neidermayer for 2. Did you see that cock sucker on the bench try to fight? BITCH! I'll FUCKING CUT YOU! Anaheim is on the PP.
FO - Anaheim

10:23 - Up into Mesh behind Hasek
FO - Detroit i guess.

9:30 No penalty to Detroit again as it hit the glass before it went over.
FO - Anaheim.

10 left in the PP to Anaheim

We're at a commercial
8:02 - Hasek... um... there was a stop
Talking with Mr. Yzerman.
FO - Anaheim
Save by Hasek but he kept it in play.

Oh, um
6:4something - a stop
FO - Anaheim

I should pay attention...

Wilma Flintstone was named one of Maxim Magazines Hot Moms in Hollywood. Hence me being unfocused

5:45 - Played by a high stick
Draper is a -1 and only 33% on the Face offs... that upsets me.
FO - Detroit

5:29 - Saved & Held by Giguere
FO - Detroit

4:44 Hooking to Anaheim. A duck can't control his stick. Actually, Lebda can't skate. But.. ya know, whatever..
FO - Detroit

4:24 - DETROIT SCORES!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!! WTG LEBDA! I never seen a goalie get so lost before. Cleary
FO - Detroit i think, maybe not...

3:57 - The refs seem to want to make up for the call on the Ducks... so they call Samuelsson for Interferance.
FO - Anaheim and Detroit.. Detroit cleared it out

3:02 Giguere makes a semi-decent save on Filppula on a break away. A sub-standard save...
FO Detroit

1:26 Offsides Anaheim Shots are 29-13 for Detroit and the fans thing Giguere is a Saint. I think the Announcers too do.
FO - Detroit

1:10 - Make that 30 Shots for Detroit. Giguere won't get out of the way.
FO - Detroit

Detroit gets hooked but no call is made.

22.1 Penalty to.. .someone. Corey Perry for Interference. Heee. I love it. Unless we score in 22 seconds, we'll have pretty ice and a man advantage to start the 3rd
FO - Detroit

And we won't (Score) 1:38 of PP to start the third. WOOT. Shots in the period was 16-6. We rock!


20:00 - Won by Anaheim

19:50 something - Rob Neidermayer gets a crosschecking and Detroit gets a lengthy 5 on 3
FO - I don'tknow

We did not convert on that. Shit!

16:58 - Into ducks bench.
FO - Detroit

15:37 - Cleary gets a penalty for tripping.
FO - Detroit

14:36 - Anaheim scores. Steve goes back to bed. 4 - 3 Anaheim
FO - Anaheim

is "skiddered" a word?

There was a stop, a commercial and a face off that i missed... i was on the phone.

we're now at 11:00

10:34 - Offsides Ducks
FO - Anaheim

10:15 - Into mesh.
FO - Anaheim

I hate this "Detroit gets a run in on Giguere, its taken back out. Repeat" thing going on.
We're at commercial again.. that "you wouldn't make it in the NHL" where the guy won't get into the cold tub.

8:20 - giguere made another save - then we went to commercial
FO - Anaheim

Definition: Defended Well = Interfered with and no penalty was called.

7:34 - Icing on the Ducks. Ducks up by 1
FO - I don't know, but Lebda went back for it.

7:05 - Getzlaf's shot hits the post then into net.
FO - Anaheim but not cleanly.

6:25 left

6:10 - Iced by a duck. Duck icing. Yeah
FO - Detroit

What we know: "Skiddered" is not a word. But it IS what happens when the puck goes through the crease, just outside the goal line, but not in. Detroit has 3 skiddered shots this game.

4 Left in the final period.

3 left

one shot and out to center - one shot and out to center - one shot and out to center... I see a pattern.

just over 2 left

I have to go to the bathroom.

2 left

1 1/2 left

hasek with some saves but leaves

net empty and Scott Neidermayer scores on it. 5-3 Ducks win. there is 1:08 Left. and i think a choked octopus is on the ice.

Detroit once scored 2 goals in the closing 42 seconds against the Blackhawks. Granted, i think it was in January... and the Hawks... not the playoffs.

17.6 - we get penalties. i think one a side. Detroit with a Time Out. Zetterberg & Pahlsson are in the box...boxes.

What else we know. Fat chicks can't dance. And there are more Octopi on the ice.

8.2 and Giguere with a save.

that's game, ladies. Series tied at 2. (this has happend before, remember. No worries here.... right? Don't I have the Ducks in 6? I'm not a good fan. I will go pout in a corner now.)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Live Blog - Round 3, Game 3 - Detroit 5, Anaheim 0

(maybe this is a picture of Kris Draper - my favorite player - discussing his horrible game 2. He was 38% on face offs and a -4 for the game)

Calder = Out
Kopecky = In

Tomas Kopecky - out since December - Will be playing tonight in place of Kyle Calder. We gotta pull this out of our asses, boys.


20:00 Opening Face off Controlled by Anaheim

19:33 Scott Neidermayer bowls over Giguere after he makes a save on Zetterberg
FO - Detroit

18:15 Save by Hasek, but he was smacked at afterwards
FO - Anaheim

17:17 Sprawling save by Hasek
FO - Anaheim

16:10 or something - I don't know why
FO - Detroit

15:12 Save again by Hasek... jesus. Either giguere keeps the play going or we got no shots on net.
FO - Detroit


Penalty on Detroit Kopecky. I was too excited to see him but it was a bullshit call.
FO - Anaheim

13:06 Save hasek
FO - Missed it because my kid decided sleep was not an option at bedtime, but movies were.

12:18 - Hand Pass
FO - Anaheim

Detroit - NO offense

11:17 - Spoke too soon? Giguere makes a save
FO - Missed it trying to rewrite my blog that i lost

9:06 - Offsides maybe?
FO - Detroit-ish

They keep kicking Detroit...

8:51 SCORE!!! FRANZEN!! From Samuelsson! Our first 5 on 5 goal this series
FO - Anaheim

Anyway - they keep kicking Detroit out of the Face offs, and then barely letting the new guy set up before they drop the puck. We aren't allowed to be early, but its fine if we're really late.

6:52 - they stopped for some reason
FO - Detroit?

6:37 - Detroit for Delay on Kopecky again. The puck was deflected though, it looked. It was an odd bouncy pucky type thing.
FO -Draper for Detroit

That was funny - They kicked Anaheim out of the FO then gave them PLENTY of time before it was dropped. Also funny, Draper - 3 games (this series) and 8 PIMS; Kopecky - 1 game since December and 4 PIM

5:48 Offsides on Detroit
FO - Datsyuk for Detroit

Penalty over

I've gotta let my doggy in with 4:10 left in the period

4:03 - Before I left, i saw Hasek make a save. Don't know what happend after that other than
FO - Anaheim? It wasn't back from Clement yet.

I didn't miss anything.

3:39 - High Sticked down
FO - (anaheim kicked out) DETROIT

3:22 - Deflected up into net
FO - Anahiem

3:16 Shot by anaheim off the face off saved by Hasek and held
FO - Anaheim

3:13 - Off the face off, Anaheim gets a penalty
FO - Anaheim controls

Anaheim is doing better on this penalty than we are

1:57 - .44 left in the PP - Deflected into net
FO - Detroit

1:23 - for 11 seconds we'll have a 2 man advantage as Pronger goes in for hooking
FO - in offensive zone won by Detroit

1:13 - Out of play when Detroit effed up their 2 man advantage.
FO - Detroit

1:04 - Stop in play
FO - Detroit

53.7 - Offsides by Detroit on the man advantage
FO - Detroit

I almost mentioned having a 30 second or so power play to start the second,but nope
FO - Detroit

First Period is over. Shots are 11 - 7 i think... Score Detroit 2, Anaheim 0
20:00 FO controlled by Detroit

19:47 - Save by Giguere
FO - Anaheim

16:43 - SCORE BERTUZZI! (Found Him)
WE CHASED GIGUERE!!!! WOOOT!!! I can't spell this guys name!
FO - Detroit

(Bryzgalov... i can do this)

FO - Detroit

16:08 - Penalty on Anaheim - S. Neidermayer for hooking (again)
FO - Detroit

15:19 - Offsides Detroit
FO - Anaheim (how's cleary's ankle doing?)

14:00 - Stop.... um... Icing?
FO - Anaheim

Anaheim is playing harder

(i have to potty - need a commercial break)

12:50 - Offsides
COMMERCIAL (just like i wanted)
I hear Anaheim might have a too many men?
FO - Anaheim

10:21 - Penalty on the Ducks.. ? Jesus. Getzlaf (I hate him)
FO - Detroit

9:43 Held by Bryzgalov
FO - Anaheim

8:19 Rob Neidermayer hit Holmstrom. He's been kicked out of the game. Homer's cut and bleeding and laying on his back. Pronger should go too. Holmstrom has 2 goals tonight. Detroit should be getting a nice 5 minute free for all. Please let Homer be okay and play the next game. No concussion. No concussion. No concussion!
Oh, we're at commercial
FO - Detroit

Holmstom was helped off the ice.
Pronger should be gone too. Pronger should get suspended.

7:23 - Into mesh. 4:03 left in 5 minutes
FO - Anaheim

Now, they're trying to take out Chelios. I hate Anaheim.

6:33 Caught in a change, Phallson tries to score. 3:14 left in PP
FO - Anaheim

Why do the linesman get to tell the players exactly where to put their feet?

6:16 - Puck in mesh behind Bryzgalov
FO - No one, they whistled immediately.
FO - Anaheim

Can't seem to keep the puck in the zone.

And taken back out

5:10 - Save Bryzgalov
FO - Detroit

4:25 - Hasek makes a save off his helmet and into his glove... um... its OUR PP guys.
FO - Detroit

3:04 Pronger gets a roughing call!! !HAHAH Power Play Detroit just seconds after the last one ended!
FO - I'll say Detroit since Clement took to long again.

1:22 Lang's shot held by Bryzgalov
FO - Ooh, i don't know...

56.3 - Detroit Offsides
FO - Detroit

24.6 - Played by High Stick by Anaheim
FO - Detroit at Center

3.3 - Offsides Detroit
FO - Anaheim and the period is over.

Hasek is bitching a lot at the refs & linesman. Draper goes and shuts him up.

No penalties in the second. go Wings!
How is Homer? Getting your head between Prongers elbow, R. Neidermayer's forearm and the glass cannot feel too well. Pronger should be out too. They should check it. Pronger should go. PRONGER SHOULD GO. I HATE HIM. HIT HIM IN THE CHEST WITH THE PUCK AND HE'LL GO DOWN!

Homer has a lump. :(

Boston Legal will feature the Stanley Cup!


He got 2 seperate cuts and stitches, but he's back.


20:00 FO - Detroit

19:34 - Stop in play for... soemthing
FO - Detroit

15:59 Saved by Bryzgalov
FO - Detroit

14:17 - Save again by the Ducks
FO - Anaheim

13:17 Penalty on the Ducks HAHA!
FO - Anaheim

12:45 Offsides on a duck
FO - Anaheim

12:02 Offsides Detroit
FO - Anaheim again

9:35 - Held by Hasek
FO - Detroit

9:02 SCORE! FILPPULA! From Holmstrom! Homer will have #1 Star on NHL.COM tonight!
FO - Ducks

8:40 - Slashing to Lilja. I say its a bad call. First penalty we've gotten since the first period.
FO - Detroit...ish?

Trouble scoring even strength? Poinit it out. We'll remedy it for you.

7:09 - Save by Hasek
FO - Anaheim, but they let it go all the way down to Bryzgalov

6:53 - a duck was offsides
FO - Detroit

Before today, Detroit didn't have a 5 on 5 goal. today, they have 4 of their 5 even.

6:16 - Save Hasek again.
FO - A duck wins faceoffs

Hasek will have #2 Star on NHL.com

4:56 - Detroit gets another Power Play!
FO - Anaheim

John Cusack (Say Anything, Being John Malkovich) goes to hockey games!

3:33 - Stop in play - puck under players
FO - Detroit

2:59 - Pahlsson is trying to fight Samuelsson and they'll both go sit down for 2
FO - Anaheim

2:32 - Save Hasek
FO - Anaheim

2:24 - Save again Hasek
FO - Detroit

2:07 - Into bench. Sloooow game
FO Detroit

Last minute of play

45.5 - Held by Bryzgalov
Fo Anaheim
7.7 Getzlaf gets a Maltby stick to the face. Bleeds and goes to the lockerroom for a tampon
FO - Detroit

Game oVer ladies. Wings get a pretty PRETTY SHUTOUT!

Wings up 2-1 in the series.

Giguere seen waddling to the lockerroom.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Live Blog - Round 3, Game 2 - Detroit 3, Anaheim 4

Welcome again, Ladies & Gentleman. Please sit and enjoy game 2 of the Western Confrence Finals.

Looks like the Wings are counting a lot on Homer to screen pucks from Giguere. At the same time, the Ducks will be counting on former St. Louis foe, Chris Pronger to not get it in the chest with the puck and lose conscienceness. Good Luck.

Game 2 of the Western Confrence Finals up next.

Game On, bitches!
Laptop = Bitch. I shall do my best.

20:00 - Opening Face Off controlled by Detroit

19:37 - PEnalty on Marchant for tripping - Asshole
FO - Ducks

ANaheim out for blood early

Hasek makes an UNBELIEVEABLE sace at 18:00

Anaheim is getting the puck off their sticks quick and hard

15:48 - Up into netting
FO - ANaheim

14:56 - Hand pass
FO - Detroit

14:45 Maltby moves into ducks bench

14:37 - Icing on Ducks
FO - Detroit

13:29 Draper Draws one
FO - MIssed it

11:55 Deflected behind Giguere
FO - Detroit

11:50 Save Giguere
FO - Detroit

Schneider interview says he'll not need surgery.

10:16 Icing on Detroit
FO - Detroit

10:10 Offisides Anaheim
FO - ANahiem

PUck spending lots of time in our zone

7:55 Save Giguere
Little scrum - maybe penalties
FO Anaheim

4 on 4 Roughing vs Cross Checking

at 6:03 a giveaawy found the post behind Hasek

5:40 - Icing on ANaheim
FO - Anaheim

5:04 Draper gets a penalty for Tripping.
FO - Anaheim

Franzen has no stick!

3:11 Anaheim ices it
FO - Detroit, but it's missplayed at it goes all the way down...

Which causes:

2:57 - Anaheim scores with .01 left in the PP.
FO - Detroit

Not a PP goal they say.

We cannot seem to hold it in the Ducks zone. Not even close to the zone. Detroit seems to be laying back at the end of the period with just 1:00 left.

18.8 Way offsides on Detroit
FO - Detroit

First Period ends. Ducks leading in shots 11-6. I knew they'd do that. We gotta come out HARD in the second!

20:00 - FO controlled by Anaheim

19:34 - Into mesh on Anaheim
FO - Anaheim

19:10 - INto mesh by Ducks again!
FO -Detroit

They've pretty much taken away the reason for needing Homer.

17:19 - Mesh on Detroit
FO - Anaheim

17:14 into bench
FO Detroit

16:59 Into Mesh
FO - ANaheim

15:53 Detroit actually takes a shot on net - but it was saved.
FO Anaheim

15:42: Hasek comes thru! 2 on 1 and he makes a pretty save.
FO - Detroit

15:10 Penalty on Anaheim
FO - Anaheim

"We" are on a pp as they just had a chance to score. "WE" kinda suck on PP today. WE can't pass it for our lives. Detroit is getitng booed-ish.

We only have 2 shots half way thru the second... good news, so do they.

10:56 Offsides on Anaheim
FO - Anaheim but not cleanly

Crowd showing up.

10:20 Penalty on Lilja for roughing
FO - Anaheim

FO - i no idea.

8:20 Was it a goal? Nothing from the refs but the ducks say yes. Oh shit, that's a goal. Damn. Okay, announce it already, stupid. Thank you 2-1 Them.
FO - ?

7:33 Cleary gets a cross checking penalty
FO - ANaheim

Detroit kills it off

5:05 Penalty on Rob Neidermayer
FO - Detroit

FO - Detroit

3:00 ANother pp for Anaheim Jesus H Christ
FO - Detroit

50.8 Pronger gets a penalty for Impeeding upon Lebda's progress.
FO - Detroit

26.6 Offsides Detroit with a disagreement to follow.
Getzlaf is a bitch
Odonell gets 2 minutes
5 on 3 for at the final 26.6 of the period... Unless...
FO - Detroit

SEcond period over. Detroit gets 5 on 3 for 1:09 of the 3rd.


20:00 FO -- Anaheim

18:57 SCORE DATSYUK!! 5 ON 3! 3-2 Detroit!
Still on the PP
FO - Detroit

full strength

I kinda dislike Getzlaf. There's always someone.

15:36 Hung on by Giguere
FO - ?

15:00 Hasek again
FO - Anaheim.

Come on Hasek. That might be a goal. No, i think the refs whistled it first. They are reviewing.
What do you mean the "Whistle isn't reviewable" if hte fucking ref whistled, then the fucking puck is dead and they can't score after that. Fucknuts.


Thats bullshit!

You cheating bastards.
FO - ?

14:35 - Held by Giguere
FO - Detroit

13:59 - Held again Giguere
FO - Anaheim

We're playing shitty again

13:32 Save Hasek
FO ?

They might wana check that.. They could give them another goal, ya know.

12:18 Offsides Ducks
FO - Anaheim

12:03 Hasek Saves? Is it reviewable? Perfect chance to give it to em.... No? Oh well.
FO - Detroit.

11:53 Penalty on Anaheim
FO - ?

10:03. Held by Giguere
FO - ANaheim

PP over

9:44 - out of play
FO - Detroit

Draper is adorable. Sent 17 dozen roses to the players wives today because they were too busy for mothers day.

7:48 Icing on Detroit
FO - Detroit

7:25 - Again on Detroit
FO - Detroit

7:Something - Save Hasek
FO - Detroit

5:47 Offsides, maybe?
FO Detroit

4:33 Coverd by Hasek
FO Anaheim
.48 Hasek save
FO Anaheim

.02 icing on detroit
CHanged to 2.4
FO ?

End of regulation


20:00 - FO - Anaheim

4 on 4 to start.

18:49 Out behind Giguere
FO - Anaheim

Outstanding chances for both teams

17:55 Out again
Fo - Detroit

16:22 Icing on Anaheim
FO - Detroit

14:05 Save by Hasek. Lots of good chances for Detroit.
FO - We'll say Anaheim

13:28 - Hasek save on Filppula...?
FO - Detroit

13:09 offsides - Detroit...grr
FO - Anaheim

12:51 Offsides Ducks
FO - Anaheim

11:10 - Out on Detroit - Penalty for Delay FUCK!
FO - Anaheim

I'm scared. they'll score I'm good at calling it. I want to be wrong.

10:22 - that shoulda been offsides? Either way, Hasek made a save on the Not offsides.
FO - Detroit

10:12 Handpass by A duck. ducks have hands?
Time out by the Ducks ( i still think they'll score on the pp - and i hate it)
FO - Detroit

(I hate getzlaf)

9:06 - Into Mesh behind Giguere. No goal on that PP. Yay!
FO - Detroit

I'm glad i was wrong on that. I hate "the feeling"

8:06 Offsides on a Duck
FO - Detroit

7:22 - Held by Giguere
FO - Anaheim

Aww.. did you see Filppula's tiny whiskers? Not quite the "playoff beard" he'd like.

7:14 A duck went offsides
FO - Anaheim

6:04 Into net on a duck
FO - Anaheim

5:43 - Anaheim scored.
Game over. 1-1

Friday, May 11, 2007

Live Blog - Round 3, Game 1 - Detroit 2, Anaheim 1

Schneider is out with his broken wrist
Lebda i dont' think is 100%
Kronwall with his broken Sacrum

Our Defense is going to be lovely.

Chris Pronger used the term "Take away time and space" Loser
I'm nervous about this game. We need to shoot a lot and not take bad penalties. Our passes need to be clean. And we need to hit. You know they will.

I think Anaheim will win in 6. Ottawa in 5.

20:00 Opening FO controlled by Detroit

19:35 - Held by Hasek after Markov was knocked down.
FO - Detroit

at 18:00 the crowd is booing Pronger - Haha

17:40 Hand pass on Anaheim
FO - Detroit

Delayed penalty on the Ducks

16:24 - penalty on Anaheim for holding
FO - Detroit

16:16 SCORE! DETROIT! ZETTERBERG!! Just 8 seconds into the power play.
FO - Anaheim

15:56 Icing on Detroit
FO - Anaheim

14:57 - Penalty on Detroit Franzen for Holding
a horrible call
FO - Anaheim

14:32 - Penalty on Draper for holding
another sick call
1:34 of 2 men down
FO - Detroit

14:01 OFF the goalpost for Anaheim.

Cleared by Detroit for the second time

13:25 - Hasek has the puck.
FO - Detroit and cleared out.

First penalty is over

Power play is over and the puck is at center.

Anaheim gets a breakaway but they effed it up and theres a whistle
12:16- Stop by Hasek
FO - Anaheim

11:57- Offsides Anaheim
FO - Detroit

9:26 - Penalty. It looks like on Draper
Sorta - Draper and Huskins are in and we get 4 a side
FO - Anaheim

6:30 - Offsides
FO - Anaheim

5:48 - Icing

FO - Anaheim

5:24 - Tremendous save by Giguere on Homer.
FO - Anaheim

"Its an adventure when Hasek leaves the net"
"i think he gets bored sometimes"

2:34 - Giguere makes another lovely save. Ick.
FO - Detroit

2:30 - Giguere with another one on the face off.
FO - Anaheim

Giguere's son Maxime was born with deformed eyes and Giguere missed the last 2 games of the Regular season.

1:39 - Save by Hasek, but the refs took 12 days to whistle. Jesus. Why don't you just let Teemu use his skates to cut off Hasek's right arm? Dipshits. It sounds like we might get a penalty out of this bullshit. Hasek even got punched in the face a couple of times. And Samuelsson is in the box. Officiating BLOWS!
FO - Detroit.

1:27 - Covered by Hasek
FO - Anaheim

58.7 Out of play onto the Detroit bench on a clear out by Lids.
FO - Anaheim

51.4 - Offsides on a bouncy puck on da Ducks.
FO - Detroit and sent all the way down

14.4 Pad stop and cover by Hasek. NIIICE!
FO - Detroit and all the way down - eventually.

First Period is over. 1-0 Detroit. Shots are 10 - 5 for the Ducks. Good Period. Hasek was lovely. Ducks'll have a short PP at the beginning of the second.

My laptop is, once again, being a cunt. So forgive if i have to stop posting at commercials.


20:00 Face off controlled by Detroit

PP over.

Lang made a good save to take the puck away and detroit takes it all the way down.

18:58 - Save by Giguere.
FO - Detroit

there is 73 officials in October.

17:53 - Save by Giguere on Filppula
FO - Detroit

17:14 Offsides on the Ducks
FO - Detroit

16:17 - Offsides on Detroit
FO - Detroit

Griffins get a shoutout. Woot!

15:37 - Save by Hasek. Markov's gotta Playoff Beard
FO - Detroit

Its NOT Atlanta.

14:34 - Tripping on Zetterberg. Meanwhile, Datsyuk got buttraped earlier in front of the ANAHEIM bench
FO - Detroit. and cleared down

14:18 Scott Neidermayer goes offsides.
FO - Detroit

Detroit likes to keep it out of their zone.

Killed off another Penalty. Woot!

11:41 - Up into netting.
FO - Detroit

7:14 - Penalty on Anaheim Moen for Interfereance.
FO - Detroit

Penalty was no good.

2:53 - Save by Hasek and Markov is fighting.
FO - Anaheim
Markov & the other guy is off for fighting.

1:49 Chelios is down at center after a collision. Perry hit him in the back. Perry got hit in the face first by Haseks stick. Cheli looks okay
FO - Detroit

1:16 - Save Hasek.
FO - Detroit

1.9 - Icing on Detroit.
FO - Tied up.

End of the Second and CLeary is getting into a fight. And Cleary has a playoff beard.
There is no I in Teemu (taken from the Freep)


20:00 FO controlled by Ducks

Roughing and Draper are in the box. Draper makes it a new home.

18:37 another save by Giguere.
Missed the FO

18:25 - Score - Ducks. Tied at 1.
FO - Detroit

17:22 - Stop.. .not sure why. They seem to be oblivious on VS
FO - Detroit

16:54 - Offsides on Ducks
FO - Zetterberg was kicked out - Anaheim won it

15:49 - Offsides by Detroit and theres more fighting. Datsyuk got no lid.
Another 4 on 4
FO - Detroit.

15:14 - Detroit gets another penalty it'll be 4 on 3 now. Cleary for Tripping
FO - Anaheim

13:46 - Anaheim Penalty
the first 2 are over. So it'll be 4 on 4 for 32
FO - Anaheim (Its Anaheim, not San Jose. Didn't i have this problem last time?)

Ducks got away with a too many men. I hate that.

12:40 - held by Giguere.
FO - Missed it.

PP over.

11:38 - Giguere again.
FO - Detroit

Vladdy is in da House! WOOT!

A couple of good chances by detroit.

Hasek is being "THAT" guy again.

10:43 - Offsides on Detroit
FO - Detroit gave it to Ducks

9:34 - Pucks in the net.
FO - Anaheim

Fans are starting to show up... its getting a little louder.

8:12 Save Giguere
FO - Detroit

There is a Thornton on the team? Really?

5:27 Getzlaf gets a penalty
FO -Detroit

7:54 SCORE! DETROIT! I have no idea what happend? Lidstrom!?
Refs, Linesmen & A duck are having a conversation. That sounds like a bad joke.
FO - Detroit

3:19 Hooking on Detroit - Lang. I think the refs are making shit up. Gotta get this FO
FO - I think anaheim, but they misplayed it and it went all the way down.

2:25 Offsides on the Ducks.
FO - Detroit

Ducks pull their goalie.

Under one left.

55.8 Icing on Detroit.

Anaheim Time Out

Draper needs to win this FO. Take it out to change. Or score it on the Empty net.

FO - Draper!

Under :30 left.

13.4 Out over glass on Zetterberg. 6 on 4 for Anaheim for the rest of the game.
Time Out Detroit
FO - Anaheim

DETROIT WINS! !!! 2-1. Series is 1-0 Detroit! WOOT! WOOOOOOT!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Live Blog - Round 2, Game 6 - WINGS 2, San Jose 0 THIRD ROUND BITCHES!!!

We can do it tonight! Let's Go Wings!
Game in 73 Minutes.

Welcome to Game 6!! Game On, Bitches!

Lebda is playing. Schneider is out with a broken (shattered) wrist.

"Ooooh Saaayyy caaan Yoooou Seeeeee...."

First Period:
20:00 - FO Controlled by: San Jose
19:48 - Offsides by San Jose

FO - Detroit

Bernier hit Lilja. at about 19:20
Lidstrom hit hard too
Now Maltby has been hit. San Jose is looking to hurt people.

18:24 - Icing on Detriot
FO - Detroit

I think its going to be shit if someone on our team gets hurt seriously. They are meaning to hurt someone.

17:36 - Offsides on San Jose again
FO - Detroit

Detroit isn't doing well with handling the puck

16:49 - Hasek Stops it
San Jose is going oafter Cleary. Cleary fights back. Cleary seems to be getting a penalty out of this one. Ah, both are going. Both for Roughing. 4 on 4 it looks. Patrick Marleau has no points this series.
FO - Detroit

16:35 - Save Nabokov
FO - Detroit

Grier was faster than Draper. Draper must have been tired.
35 left in the 4 on 4
Lilja blocks some nice shots. and Hasek makes a great stop at about 14:57
Detroit did a horrible job getting the puck out, but san jose did a horrible job getting a shot.

13:12 - Detroit is getting a penalty
Penalty on Calder for Hooking
FO - San Jose

First clearing by Detroit
11:44 - Hand pass by San Jose
FO Detroit

just 10 tics left in the PP as detroit clears it down

10:41 - Icing on Detroit
Thornton gets a 4 minute for high sticking Markov. But it was a long wait to know about it.
FO - Didn't see

10:00 Grier gets a break away, but Lids comes up big

One gone in the PP and its been cleared out twice and they've had a better chance that we've had.
And it was cleared again
and again
and. again.
1:25 left in the PP
they are just taking away the line and we cant get it in at all
50 Left
7:26 Save nabokov.
Grier is starting shit with Bertuzzi. Lidstrom had a nice shot on, but Nabokov saw it all.
46 left
FO - San Jose
and again
25 left
5 left
Thats it.
Thornton had a nice c hance, Hasek came to challenge, but it went to the corner.
Holmstrom coulda shot, but didn't.

5:39 - San Jose with a 3 on 2 offsided it. HAHA.
FO - San Jose.

San Jose has advantage in shots 8-4

5:13 Nabokov saved it.
FO - San Jose

Yay maltby on that new contract. Yes

4:54 Hasek makes a save
FO - San Jose

4:34 - SCOOORE DETROIT! SAMUELSSON!! From Franzen & Chelios
Awesome goal!
FO - Detroit

4:21 Cheechoo for Interfereance. HAHAHA
FO - Detroit

Cleared out by the sharks.

A few times even

Nick Lidstrom is my effin hero OMFG!!!

2:43 - Save Nabokov
FO - Detroit

With 1:25 left markov was held with no call

39.6 Icing by Detroit
JEsus H Christ.
FO - San Jose

FO - San Jose

OUtshot 11-10, But we're up by 2!!
End of 1
See if we can keep this momentum up.
20:00 FO - Detroit

17:36 - Save by Hasek
FO - Missed it

17:28 - Into netting
FO - Detroit

16:43 - Penalty on Calder/Save by Hasek
FO - Detroit

Detroit is having a hard time getting it out of the zone. Grr

Penalty over and detroit gets the puck out better with a man down than not.

13:27 - Icing by Detroit
FO - NO idea

12:57 - Hasek sprawls but the puck is passed. CHeechoo shoots, missed the net, but the net was off anyway...
FO - Missed it

12:49 - Offsides by Detroit
FO - San Jose

12:06 - Icing by Detroit
FO - Detroit

8:59 - Into Shark Bench
FO - Not show, but i think Detroit

8:26 2 awesome saves by Hasek.
FO - San Jose

at about 7:00 Lidstrom was doubleteamed in a hit. Ouch.

Dude, go get your stick! Haha. he's scared. he's got a D stick. We can do something good with that.

3:38 - Finally a stop as the puck is up and out of play.
FO - San Jose

Zetterberg kinda fans on a shot. Detroit needs to score... dammit, they talk faster than i type. If i just repeat Mickey & Kenny, i'll sound redundant. Just so you know, i was going to say it first. Detroit needs to score and let the air out of the balloons in San Jose.

2:00 - Save by Hasek
FO - San Jose

8.7 - Detroit gets a penalty. Hooking it looks. Chelios. San Jose will get fresh ice in the third with a man advantage.
FO - Detroit.

End of 2nd.
Outshot 21-15 - But we still gots 2 and they got Nothing! HAHA.

Welcome to the Let's Go Red Wing's crowd for putting up with my links to this blog. Thanks for coming.


20:00 - FO - Detroit

19:44 - out of play
FO - Detroit

16:41 - Penalty on San Jose for Roughing
FO - Missed it

16:33 - Hand Pass
FO - Detroit

14:12 - Slashing call to Quincey. San Jose gets a Power Play :(
FO - Detroit

13:30 Maltby gets an AWESOME breakaway but misses the net. To Bad!
13:14 - Icing on San Jose
FO - San Jose

If we can get a shutout, i'll kiss someone.

Any takers?

9:45 - Knocked down with a high stick
FO - Detriot

Shot out of the zone. Sit back. Shoot out of the zone. Sit back. This isn't going to work for the next...

5: 14 - out into stands.
FO Detroit

4:57 - Save Nabokov
Fo - Detroit

1:49 - HOLY Save by Hasek! Beautiful!!
Nabokov on the bench. Under two left. FO in detroit end. Time out San Jose.
HEre we go boys. 1:49 left.
FO - Detroit!!
in the corner.
around t he other corner.
out onf the zone.
empty net
forgive the spelling
wide. Out to cetner
One minute!
Allt he way down
around and cleared back out
30 left
Hello Anaheim!!!
15 Left
sigh. Thanks guys. Bye Thornton.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Live Blog - Round 2, Game 5 - Detroit 4, San Jose 1

Back in Detroit today. I feel better in Detroit.
It'll be a good day.
Live blog coming up. 13 minutes to 2. see you soon.
FYI - Laptop is being a buttcracker again today. I hope to get this done. Right now my battery is at 1% and won't charge. Game on - Already.
First Period

20:00 FO controlled by: San Jose.

Last week, the game took 15 mintues to start. There are so many empty seats. Its depressing. I'm going to say that people are just late to the game... yeah, thats it.

Detroit did a great job keeping that puck in the San Jose zone.

16:55 Offsides by San Jose.
FO - Detroit... maybe

Detroit likes to come up with the puck from the boards.

Lidstrom gave it away and it was scarily shot on Hasek - who isn't spending a lot of time...

15:05 San Jose scores. Goc. Right past Hasek's foot. Horrible goal.

FO - San Jose

.... a lot of time real far in the net. He stands at the top of the crease and scares me. As it should... I didn't get that sentence typed when Goc scored.

Hasek had to make a sick save at about 13:10.

12:33 - Detroit gets a penalty.

Penalty on Detroit - Hooking on who effin knows
FO - San Fucking Jose

Detroit keeping it fairly cleared out of the zone. 6 times they got it out of the zone.

Shots with 10:30 played is 5-4 on San Jose. San Jose plays better evenly then they do with a man advantage.

8:46 - Stop by Hasek
Steve's bitching
FO - Detroit - Finally

Detroit is doing a horrible job getting it out of their zone. They allow San Jose to just walk that puck in. Its gross. And we can't get it in their zone when we do get it in. It's taken back out almost immediately every time.

Our only shots on net seem to be shot in from the neutral zone.

6:16 - Save by Hasek.
FO - San Jose

Matheiu Schneider is not on the ice or the bench. He's hurt?

Quincey needs to anticipate passes better

4:26 - Offsides by Detroit
FO - Detroit

this fucking laptop is pissing me OFF!

Steve's bitching x 4 now.

9 - 7 shots - San Jose

Todd Bertuzzi is a horrible hockey play btw.

Schneider - Forearm Injury. Will not return this afternoon

1:20 - Penalty on San Jose Hannen for upending Zetterberg
FO - San Jose

What, Us, Powerplay? San Jose easily takes it and shoots it.
Cleared a second time as well
Steve bitches x6
Cleared again
Detroit isn't doing shit on this PP.
Cleared again and the first period is over.
Shots 9 - 8 for San Jose.

Good News/bad news.
There is 13:40 left in the second.
Detroit on a penalty kill. They got a to many men
Zetterberg scored
I started getting some juice to my battery, but i'm losing it again.
I fell asleep during intermission.
San Jose iced it during their power play

12:25 - Penalty to San Jose for interferance. HAHA.
FO - Detroit

11:44 Held by Hasek on a 2 on 1 short handed chance by San Jose
Fo - Detroit

10:47 - Offsides Detroit
FO - Detroit but all the way down to Hasek

PP over. (for a while)

9:59 Penalty to Detroit
So, mama's pissed. My laptop - dead. It's second intermission and i'm sure you'd love to my reactions to the end of that period. Homer will be sitting on a roughing penalty at the end of the second.
Sorry. Wings win 4-1. Woot.

Friday, May 4, 2007


Rob and Scott Neidermayer (The latter of which is really rather unattractive in the adjacent picture) teamed up last night in the second period of overtime. While Rob put the HARD hit on Jannick Hansen along the boards, the puck squirted out to Scott at the point who shot towards the net - to an unsuspecting Roberto Luongo. Luongo was busy trying to get the attention of the refs - arm up in hopes of getting a penalty on the aformentioned hit - looked back with barely enough time to lower his glove as the puck cleared his pad and hit the netting just inside the left goal post.

The crowd jumped up - cheering loudly - as Luongo looked back into the net before falling to the ice, face first in defeat.. His season was over. All thanks to Neidermayer brothers.

The Anaheim Ducks have won the series 4-1 and they won't know until Monday, at the very earliest, if they'll be playing Detroit or (god forbid) San Jose.

So Congrats to the Ducks - and the Brothers of Neidermayer - for thier defeat against the Vancouver Canucks - one of my least favorite teams.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Live Blog - Round 2, Game 4 - Detroit 3, San Jose 2

Woot! Hockey... for now.

Homer is back - We should have an easier time getting pucks past "Nabby" You know, as long as we can get the pucks TO Nabby. Unfortunately, Hudler is out. He's a little penguin of a guy - and the only Shark that is under 6 foot is the backup goalie. Hudler gets beat up a lot and knocked about by them guys. Can't have that.

See you in 37 minutes... now its 23 minutes
2:02 left in the New Jersey/Ottawa game. New Jersey down by 1. Keeping an eye on Brodeur.
Brodeur pulled, there is 00.2 seconds in the game and a penalty has been called on Ottawa.. Real Smart - dumbasses! They accidently added 20 seconds to the clock, but changed it to 2.4 seconds. I was pissed for a second. And the game is over. Ottawa wins 3-2 and now has a 3-1 lead in the best of 7 series.

Up in 17 minutes? The Detroit Red Wings!

Versus buries the National Anthem.

20:00 - Opening Face off controlled by - San Jose

We're doing that shitty turnover game in the neutral zone. Also, i'd love a shot on net that isn't effin blocked.

17:58 - Hasek gloves it
Steve is bitching x1
FO - Detroit

17:33 Nabokov makes a save with no rebound.
FO - san Jose

17:27 - Offsides on Detroit
FO - Detroit

16:56 - Penalty to Zetterberg. Thornton is a cunt. An Ignorant Cunt.
FO - Detroit

Detroit is doing a good job keeping it out of the zone. PP over.
Cleared it i think 5 times..

13:11 - Offsides on Detroit. It wouldn't have been had our guy not been tripped up in the neutral zone.
FO - San Jose

12:28 Held by Hasek
FO - San Jose

12:08 WTF is up with the MOTHER FUCKING GOALPOST in San Jose! We've got it once so far this game - 3 last game AT LEAST

11:15 - Held again by Hasek
Shots are like 3 - 7 for San Jose
FO - Detroit

But it wasn't cleared out.
(now it is though)

9:35 - Up into netting behind Hasek
San Jose will score soon
FO - Detroit

9:08 Detroit Penalty - Franzen for Holding
FO - Detroit but controlled first by San Jose

Cleared Once

Cleared Twice

Cleared Three times - Thrice, right?

Cleared um... Foursies?

7:18 - Hand Pass by San Jose with 11 seconds left.
FO - San Jose

And Cleared the 5th time with just 1 second left in the man advantage.

4:42 - Penalty but Who?
Cheechoo for tripping
FO - Detroit

Cleared by San Jose
Stayed cleared by San Jose

Sharks having a hard time clearing it... in fact, they aren't
Nabokov makes good saves and San Jose cleared it with 8 left in the pp, which is over

2:29 - Icing on Detroit
FO - San Jose

2:08 - Cheechoo scores. 1-0 San Jose
FO - Detroit

Steve left before the second game and only watched when they played better - i sat thru the first two goals in the first 4 minutes... it was only then that i left. They waited 18 minutes this time. Steve has gone to bed.

55.9 Nabokov save
FO - Detroit

51.8 Save by Nabokov
FO -Detroit

42.3 - Penalty on San Jose
FO - Detroit

First Period over. We'll have a carry over penalty in 20.

20:00 FO - Detroit

18:04 - Hand Pass by Jose
FO - Detroit

16:49 - To Many Men penalty on Detroit - FAGS!!! Chelios was TRYING!
FO - San Jose

FUCK - that is retarded. The Sharks fans doing the... i don't know, they open their arms up and open and close them in front, apparently in an attempt to make it look like a sharks mouth opening and closing, but it doesn't because it's arms... If you claw your hand, it looks like the sharks teeth... ya know, i guess. ?

Wings have cleared it twice. 10 left. 5 left Over.

13:53 - Offsides by the sharks.
( i never spell "offsides" correctly the first time.. its always offisdes)
FO - San Jose

11:53 - Score - San Jose. Delayed penalty on someone. Schneider. (But the announcers are usually wrong - i'm sure not this time) Hasek complained, but i think Schneider scored it. The Ref signaled "Goal" but SanJose having to many men on the ice isn't a reviewable play. But was the other ref going to call something? I have NO idea what the eff has happen. Why are they reviewing it. It didn't hit Schneider, it hit Lilja's head. Its a fucking goal, shut the eff up. Oh, Look. Its a goal. I think they just wanted to "review" it so they could sound the fucking horn and hear the crowd cheer again.
oh, I think San Jose won that Face off.

I've got something to do, so i'm going to be away... oh darn.


My laptop took a shit. I cannot get the battery to charge and i'd be mid sentence and i'd try to close down.
I was working on that, and i missed the first goal - Holmstrom's goal with 4.5 left in the second.
In the third, When Draper was called for Delay of game, i turned it. The refs seemed to want us to lose. So i went on to be busy. Apparently, i shouldn't watch the game, cuz we score when I don't. But its OVERTIME!

WHY is it overtime? because with 34 seconds left, Lang scored to send it to overtime.

Way to score in the closing seconds.
BTW - didn't we win a game in OT last season against the Chicago Blackhawks when with .42 seconds left, we desided it was time to start scoring?
I'm convinced we won't win this one.

Update - Detroit gets a god damned hooking call in overtime. Cock suck refs anyway!
I'm not watching, but cringing and squeezing my head when the crowd and announcers (who also hate detroit) get loud.

Bill Geuren (Sp) took a puck to the mouth. By his own guy. The Fans: "Red Wings Suck"


Homer has gone to the lockerroom. Why? He was "flexing" his leg, but he skated hard. I should have checked if the Dr. or the Trainer went with...

SHots are 45 - 26 for the Wings. Of course they are. Why would we want to play a goalie that could let a shot by? Like Brodeur?

Penalty on San Jose for Delay of Game. FUCK YOU SAN JOSE!

Happy (?) Anniversary

May 1, 2006 - The Detroit Red Wings lose to the Edmonton Oilers in the first round of the playoffs.
Today - we are down 2 games to 1 in the second round against the San Jose Sharks.
Something i've not done in ages - update. SO...
Right now, Buffalo & New York Rangers are tied at 2 games a piece after tonight. Buffalo scored a seemingly goal with about 17 seconds left in the game, but it was ruled a no goal due to insufficiant evidence. The Rangers won, and now they are tied. Buffalo originally went up 2 games to None against the Rangers.
Ottawa is leading their series 2-1. The Devils won game 2, but were shut out in game 3.
Right now, period 3 of game 4 of the Anaheim/Vancouver series is about to play. Vancouver leads the game 2-0, but are down 2 games to 1 in the series.
So, no sweeps for the second round.
Wings - Wednesday at 10 PM. Holmstrom is coming back too. Woot! Let's stop Nabokov from seeing the puck!