Monday, April 30, 2007

Live Blog - Round 2, Game 3 - Detroit 1, San Jose 2

Welcome to Game 3.

Good news: Tomas Holmstrom has been cleared to play Game 4 and was private jetted to California with the Illiches this afternoon for Thursday's game. WOOT!

Lebda - unsure yet.

Live Blog Coming U! GO WINGS!!

First Period:
"oh say can you see...."
(No "Oh Canada" in California... that's sad)

20:00 - Opening Face Off controlled by - Detroit (Woot)

There was a stop but the time is not up...

FO - Detroit

18:47 - Save Nabokov
FO - San Jose

PAUSE - the bathroom is 9 days away

Okay, at 16:55, San Jose got themselves a penalty for Delay of game. Then at 15:28, someone shot the puck and broke the glass.

15:28 - Glass Broken
FO - San Jose

13:42 - Icing on Detroit

FO - Not sure

11:20 - Not sure
FO - not sure

11:17 - Into netting
FO - Not shown

10:20 - Save - Hasek
FO - Detroit

10:02 - Bill Gueren Hooking Detroit Power Play (#2)
FO - Detroit

Schneider hits the post

9:50 - Nabokov holds it
FO - Detroit

8:56 - Nabokov holds for a FO
FO - Detroit

Nabokov getting work done on his pads...
FO - San Jose

3:18 - Save Nabokov
FO - Detroit

1:46 - Detroit gets a penalty. Lilja for nothing apparently... bullshit.
FO - Detroit

1:31 - Stop - NO goal says the Ref. Reviewable i'm sure.
Hasek in a snow angel
Reveiewed. Is it a goal? No
FO - San Jose

.54 - Penalty on San Jose - High Stick 4 on 4
FO - Detroit

13.9 - Shot into net behind Hasek
FO - Detroit

End of the First
Shots in First Period - Detroit 16, San Jose 7


14 second 4 on 4 before Detroit gets a PP (for like 50+ secs)
20:00 Face Off controlled by Detroit

19:09 -Stop... um... Puck hit Bertuzzi in the butt?
FO - SanJose

18:06 - Offsides - Detroit
FO - San Jose

17:29 - Hasek keeps it for the whistle
Geuren slashes Samuelsson
FO - San Jose

16:45 - Out of play
FO - San Jose

15:44 - Great save by Nabokov
FO - San Jose

14:28 - Penalty to Detroit - Lang for - I don't know - I agree with Mickey
FO - Detroit

12:43 - Nabokov forced to hold it..
CLeary gone to the Dressing room with Paul Boyer - Equiptment problem
Glass break as well. So we are resting.
FO - San Jose

11:56 - Offsides - Detroit
FO - Detroit

9:44 Save Nabokov
FO - Detroit

(Note - Suddenly lots of Detroit turn overs. just over 8 left in the second)

7:17 - Score - San Jose. Game tied at 1
FO - San Jose

(note - i knew i'd happen... hence the previous note)

5:06 - Deflected into netting behind Nabokov
FO - Detroit

2:16 - Elbowing by Detroit - Bertuzzi
San Jose is pressuring - i think they'll score on this. I hope i'm wrong
FO - San Jose

1:35 - Stoppage. No goal yet. Detroit cleared it once
FO - San Jose
Detroit gets it out though...
CLeared again

Nice and Killed by Detroit

SHots - 23-14 for Detroit

Detroit needs to get some spunk back. I know its late, but get in gear! <3>


20:00 - Face Off controlled by I forget... San Jose i think

For the next 2 1/2 minutes, i have no idea what happend because my computer was shut down before i saved it.

At 17:25 - i got lazy and used a pen and paper as i laid on my bed.

16:55 - detroit needs to relax and slow down.

16:25 - Hasek makes a save and holds it
FO - San Jose

(Note - none of San Jose's passes are bad and detroit is giving it up all over the place)

15:16 - The ref gets in the way and costs the wings an icing.
FO - Detroit

Detroit is on their heels all thru this period

13:52 Nabokov saves and holds it

(Note - i apparently need to clean because last game i cleaned and we won)
FO - Sharks

(Note - SHARKS is one syllable. so its "Let's go Shar - Arks" and it sounds stupid)
(Note - I'm going to osmose to the wings to play better. *concentrating*)

11:19 Hasek makes a great save on another bad line change. Shots are 7-1 for Jose
FO - Detriot

11:01 - Icing on Jose
FO - Jose

10:51 - Held by Hasek
(Markov on bench in pain)
FO - Jose again

Markov back on ice

8:55 - Offsides on Jose
FO - Detroit

Jose likes the trap.

Jose is easier than CalDal San Jose (Yes, i've typed "Dallas" a couple of times and started on Calgary a couple as well)

8:23 - Holding penalty on Draper.
Red Wings are kinda sucky right now. I think the sharks are going to score
FO - Jose

(Cleared 3 times on the pp)

7:14 Cleared into the bench by Detroit
FO (deep in wings end) San Jose

6:41 - Cheechoo scores the PP goal (told you so) 2-1 San Jose
FO - Detroit

Sharks have lotsa momentum. :(

Crowd is loud

6:12 - Offsides on Detroit
FO - Detroit

6:06 - Held by Nabokov
FO - Detroit

Detroit needs an effin POWER PLAY!

5:57 - HAHAHAHA! Detroit goes on the PP!
FO - Detroit

3:07 Stoppage.
FO - San Jose

2:48 - Save by Nabokov

Bertuzzi to the box for tripping

I don't know who wins the FO because i'm cleaning
The game is over.. San Jose will win 2-1 and take a lead 2-1 in the series

2:35 Stoppage
FO - To busy cleaning

Was there a stop? I didn't look. Thornton breaks up a play by the wings to possibly score a tying goal.

.6... nope, .5 left in the game... Jose iced it again

They put a second back on.. 6.7 left.
Detroit wins the face off and fails to score

Game over.


Rumor has it that Henrik Zetterberg is having back problems. We all know he missed the last 20 games of the season with an inflamed disk in his back, and he's not practicing with the team. However, he did play last game and had a goal. And so far is slated to play this evening. So i have no idea whats up.

Holmstrom stayed home in Detroit while the team went on to California. He's got blood in his eye and hasn't been cleared to play yet. He'll skate Tuesday, and be re-evalulated to see if he can take off to California to join the team for game 4, or stay home and try to play game 5.

Lebda is also out, having said that if it was the regular season, he'd be out 4-6 weeks at least. He still wants to play and wants to join the team for game 5. We'll see how its going then, huh?
Bertuzzi'll be on the front line with Hank & Dats this evening. Game On - 10 PM. Let's Go Red Wings!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

I apologize.

Please forgive me. I was mean earlier and did not live blog. I started, however - after San Jose scored their second goal, i couldn't take it. I wandered out into the beautiful day and bitched for a while then came back to watch. I missed the first goal by Zetterberg- was cleaning. The second goal - the Shorty by Cleary, i caught out of the corner of my eye as i cleaned more and i watched Datsyuk's goal with 1:24 left. At which point i wish i would have kept up my live blog up for this game. But i did not. So therefore, i apologize to my readers. Please forgive me. I promise to try and not do it again...

Live Blog - Round 2, Game 2 - Detroit 3, San Jose 2


(Note: I don't feel well)

First Period

WOOT OCTOPUS!!!!! (a big one too!)

20:00 - Face Off controlled by - Calgary (Draper lost)

19:24 - Score - San Jose 1-0 San Jose


FO - I don't care

19:00 - Offisides - Detroit

FO - Detroit

18:09 - up and out behind Nabokov

FO - Detroit

17:45 - Hasek (actually) makes a save

FO - Detroit

17:06 - Offsides on Detroit

FO - Detroit

Figure out that 4 on 2 odd man rush for San Jose. Detroit is BLOWING right now.

The 4th line is out against the Thornton line. Ew!

15:43 - Score - San Jose 2-0 I'm leaving Goodbye.
Third Period
18:36 SCORE - DATSYUK 3-2 Detroit

Detroit Wins

Oh, no! Lebda, Holmstrom out for Game 2 and...

Brett Lebda (ankle) and Tomas Holmstrom (eye) will not be playing in Game 2 vs the Sharks.
(Yes, it is the Sharks. The San Jose Sharks - see previous post where i called them Calgary like 9 times)
So, thats really shitty, because Lebda is a great defenseman and Homer in front of the net... incredible. He's the best in that position.
But you've not heard the bad news yet...
In game 1, Zetterberg didn't play great.. or very well for that matter. No one expects "greatness" EVERY game, but we do expect "well" And we got neither. They (announcers, officials, team - everyone) said that he was out with the flu or something and didn't skate much this week. However, it IS the playoffs. the PLAYOFFS! Who tells the truth in the playoffs? Is his back out of whack again? Is that why he didn't play well in game one?
He did have 6 shots on net, but he only won 3 face offs (out of 9). He only took 9? Game 5 last series, he took 19 - and won 14 of em. So, is he hurt - i guess we'll find out in about 12 hours and 30 minutes. Good Luck, Gentleman. I'm worried :(

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Live Blog - Round 2, Game 1 - Detroit 0, San Jose 2

Let's Go Red Wings! Here we go, boys.

I must admit, i'm a little scared. But we've lost to them 3 times this season, and its OUR TURN BITCHES!!!


20:00 Face off controlled by: San Jose (okay, let's see how many times i say "Calgary"or "Kipper"

16:56 Hasek makes a beautiful save.
FO - Detroit

15:47 - Offsides by Detroit
FO - Detroit

13:57 - Offsides by Detroit again
(Note : Datsyuk was just in front - alone and had about a second to shoot the puck. But wanted a shot before he took it and it wa taken from him before he had the chance... grrr.)
FO - Detroit

11:43 - Penalty to Lidstrom for hooking
FO - Detroit
(Note: Wings cleared the puck three times and kept it cleared once)

10:15 Score - Sharks 1-0 Power Play goal
FO - San Jose

9:51 Score - Sharks 2-0 even strength. SHIT.

Detroit Time Out

FO - Calgary

7:47 Stop by the Sharks goalie... i can't spell his name yet.
(Okay, its Nabo Kov - Nabokov - i'll remember now)
FO - Cal...Sharks

6:34 - Hasek Makes a Save
FO - CSharks (dammit with the "C")

5:17 - Stop in play for some reason or another...
FO - Detroit

4;20 - Offsides by San Jose
FO - Sharks

3:35 - Save Nabokov
FO - I forget - the first one was whistled dead and i didn't watch the second.. Det won the dead one though

3:10 - Icing on San Jose
FO - Detroit

1:15 - Offsides Sharks
FO - Detroit

FO Detroit - i don't know what time - i was doing something else. I want the first to be over and maybe they can practice rebounds during hte break.

Horn. Shots are 11 - 10 Detroit... *Sigh*


20:00 - FO Controlled by: San Jose Dammit. NOT Effin Calgary!

19:23 - Offsides Detroit
FO - Making a phone call, i didn't see.

18:04 Held by Nabokov
FO - Dammit, i should pay attention.

15:22 Held again by Nabokov
FO - Nashville... Really? San Jose

15:11 - Offsides - Sharks
FO - Detroit

13:15 - Something stopped the play. I dont' pay attention much when i'm on the phone and we are losing...

FO - Detroit

13:07 Deflected out of play
Penalty to San Jose for Delay of Game PP Detoit
FO - Detroit
PP Sucked but lang knocked down a guy woot

10:25 - Thornton is pissy for getting a penalty - Woot. PP Detoit
FO - Sharks

10:00 Save Nabokov
FO - I paid no attention, i suck

7:25 - Save Nabokov BLAH!

FO - Detroit

7:22 - Save Nabokov
FO - Sharks

Offsides at some point - 6:29
FO - Shit... Calgary - NO NO NO SHARKS!!!!!!

6:01 PP for Detroit.
FO - Detroit

5:41 - Icing on Detoit
FO - Detroit

5:19 - Save Sharks (so, i'm sick of writing Nabokov)
FO - Detroit

4:32 Outof play
FO - Detroit

1:16 - Out of play
FO - Oh, they started... then blew the whistle

1:06 - Stop
FO - Detroit

OOh, missed a stop as maltby got humped along the boards. and didn't pay attention
Horn - and shots are 21 - 13 Detroit

Third Period Better be good

20:00 FO - San Jose

19:20 Stop in play, i don't know why
FO - Detroit

18:05 - Icing on San Jose
FO - San Jose

17:13 - Into Sharks bench
FO - Detroit

14:05 - Icing on Detroit
Gotten some good chances, but we aren't doing anything with them. FucK!
FO - San Jose

10:30 - Whistle...
Nabokov has been the difference... oh, and the fact that we aren't getting any rebounds. Losers
FO - Detroit

6:53 - Nabokov again. Bastard!
FO - Detroit

6:19 - Nabokov - no rebound
FO - Detroit

4:24 - Whistled down
FO - Calgary

2:35 - Whistle - Nabokov has it.
FO - Calgary

1:33 Icing on Detroit
Still no goals for Detroit
Fans heading for the EXITS
Hasek makes his way back into his net
FO - Detroit

Game Over - 10 Left. See you Saturday.

Round 2 Begins

The Sabres pounded the Rangers this evening 5-2 and lead the series after their first game of the Confrence Semi's.
In the West, Anaheim is about to beat Vancouver 4-1 - at least - in their first game.
Tomorrow we have San Jose V Detroit and Ottawa V New Jersey.
San Jose beat Detroit 9-4 in January. That's Ugly.

*EDIT* It's been maybe 45 seconds since i posted this and Anaheim just scored again with under a minute left in the game. 5 on 3 i think and McDonald has a hat trick. So Anaheim will win 5-1 instead.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Welcome to the Second Round, Boys. I'm calling shenanigans!

The Vancouver Canucks defeated the Dallas Stars 4 - 1 in game 7 and (obviously) win the series 4-3.

The Detroit Red Wings will be playing the San Jose Sharks. BLAH! Late Nights. Ew. I think its, um, BULLSHIT that 75% of the teams still left in the Western Confrence, ya know, just HAPPEN to be on the WEST FUCKING COAST!!! Anaheim. San Jose. Vancouver. Pacific Coast. 3 hours difference. Detroit playing a 7:00 game in California feel like 10:00. Not to mention, ya know... San Jose beat us 3 times this season. Ew. Detroit REALLY needs to move to the Eastern Confrence.

SOoooo. Our Schedule looks like this:

Thursday, April 26 @ 7:30 p.m.
Saturday, April 28 @ 3:00 p.m.
Monday, April 30 @ 10:00 p.m.
Wednesday, May 2 @ 10:00 p.m.
Saturday, May 5 @ 2:00 p.m. (if necessary)
Monday, May 7 @ TBA (if necessary)
Wednesday, May 9 @ TBD (if necessary)

Since i'm rather horrible at predicting the series. 37.5% in the first round, i think i'll try again:

Buffalo vs New York - I'm going to say the Rangers... in 5
New Jersey Vs Ottawa - Ottawa in 6

Detroit vs. San Jose - I'm really afraid to speculate. Detroit NEEEEEDS to work on Special Teams
Anaheim vs. Vancouver - Go Anaheim in 6

Monday, April 23, 2007

How good am I?

No. 1 Buffalo vs. No. 8 N.Y. Islanders (Sabres in 5) Actual: Buffalo in 5
No. 2 New Jersey vs. No. 7 Tampa Bay (Devils in 6) Actual: New Jersey in 6
No. 3 Atlanta vs. No. 6 N.Y. Rangers (Rangers in 5) Actual: Rangers in 4
No. 4 Ottawa vs. No. 5 Pittsburgh (Penguins in 6) Actual: Ottawa in 5

ME: 2/4

No. 1 Detroit vs. No. 8 Calgary (Red Wings in 6) Actual: Detroit in 6
No. 2 Anaheim vs. No. 7 Minnesota (Anaheim in 6) Actual: Anaheim in 5
No. 3 Vancouver vs. No. 6 Dallas (Stars in 7) Actual: Vancouver in 7
No. 4 Nashville vs. No. 5 San Jose (Predators in 6) Actual: San Jose in 5

ME: 1/4

OVERALL 3/8 = 37.5%

Dirty Rat!

You know, Daymond Langkow's comments on what he did to Lebda in game 5...

"A guy does that, he's gotta expect something to happen," Langkow said. "If you just let that slide, I mean, he's not going to think twice about doing it again. So ... you know, that's what happened."

...normally would bother me. But not that creep is sitting home for the rest of the spring, and the Detroit Red Wings are going to round 2. See ya next year, Bitches!

Live Blog - Game 6 - Detroit 2, Calgary 1

Note: The "Sea of Red" need burnt. Pun intended.


20:00 Opening Faceoff controlled by Calgary.

17:44 Offsides by Detroit

FO - Calgary
(Note: both teams playing very cautiously)

13:26 Offsides by Calgary
FO - Detroit

11:16 - Offsides Calgary

FO - No idea, they didn't show it

8:57 - Icing on Detroit
COMMERCIAL - Shots are 4-1 Detroit
FO - Calgary

8:17 Held by Kiprusoff
FO - Detroit

5:00 Calgary player hurt - Franzen is calling for help

Giordano hit in the face with the puck and goes off for repairs
FO - Detroit

4:20 Caught and held by Kiprusoff
FO - Detroit

4:00 Icing on Detroit
FO - Detroit

2:45 Penalty on Calgary. Langkow for Tripping.
(Puck was cleared by Calgary twice this PP)

1:29 Kiprusoff Save
FO - Detroit

1:24 Penalty Detroit. Holmstrom... for being too close to Kiprusoff?
FO - Calgary

.4 Net off. Calgary has had 2 good chances. Shots are 13-4 for Detroit.
FO - Detroit

End of the First.

36 Second carryover penalty on Detroit.

20:00 FO - Detroit

18:23 Offsides - Detroit.
FO - Detroit

16:59 - Puck into netting behind Hasek
FO - Wasn't watching

16:51 - Flames Score. Iginla 1-0 Calgary
FO - Detroit

15:01 Hasek scoops it up and hangs on.
FO - Calgary

(Note: Calgary almost had a break away here but Draper skated for his life to negate it)

14:35 Net off behind Kiprusoff
FO - Detroit

14:18 Up and out by Detroit
FO - Calgary

12:30 Hasek makes an EXCELLENT stop!
FO - Calgary

11:25 Up into netting behind Kiprusoff
FO - Calgary

(Note: we never win against the boards... )

9:28 Penalty on Calgary. Hamrlik for ... no idea
FO - No idea, not shown

7:57 - Kiprusoff makes a save
FO - Detroit (eventually)

7:42 - Save Kiprusoff - 14 secs left in PP
FO - Detroit

5:53 Samuelsson almost but it hits the outside of the net.
FO - Detroit

FO - no idea, i wasn't watching

END of Second. Shots 29 - 11 Detroit. We played much better in those last 3 minutes.

(Note: There was a calgary player who was on the ice with no stick, and he clapped his hands. I blinked or something and when i saw the guy again, he had a stick. I have NO idea where it came from. Weird)


20:00 FO Controlled by Detroit

Not sure if there was a stop in play between now and the next stop.. i was in deep discussion about hockey with my husband.

16:30 Penalty on Calgary. Primeau for Hooking
FO Detroit
(Cleared three times by Calgary on this powerplay)

14:44 Offsides to Detroit
FO - Detroit

13:27 Puck up and out of play
FO - Calgary

13:00 Offsides on Calgary
FO Detroit

12:37 Out of Play
FO - Detroit

12:09 Kiprusoff Saves
FO - Calgary

10:15 Out of play
FO - Detroit

8:41 Penalty to Detroit
FO - Detroit
(Detroit clears 4 times during this penalty kill)

7:40 Hasek makes an UNBELIEVABLE save. 1:00 left in the penalty
Time Out - Calgary
FO - Calgary

7:32 Hasek makes another save. .52 left in the penalty
FO - Detroit

5:57 Kiprusoff covers
FO - Calgary

4:32 Kiprusoff scoops it up
FO - Calgary

4:06 Kiprusoff makes a save on Detroits 35th shot.
FO - Calgary

1:49 Up and Out
FO - Calgary

(Note: Lots of play in Calgary's end by Detroit)


42.8 Icing on Detroit. Shit, they can't change!
FO - Detroit

00.0 OVERTIME! Tied at 1
Shots: 37 - 15 for Detroit.


20:00 FO - Calgary

19:36 - Icing on Calgary
FO - Calgary

19:28 Penalty on Detroit. Bertuzzi (The guy dove)
FO - Detroit
(Note - Dom likes to play that puck. makes me nervous)
(Detroit clears the puck 3 times during that penalty)

17:44 Hasek holds it with .16 left in the penalty
FO - Calgary

17:02 Save by Kiprusoff
FO - Detroit

16:32 Hasek keeps it
FO - Detroit

16:07 Blocked and out of play
FO - Detroit

16:02 Kiprusoff stops Detroit's 42nd shot. Calgary has 17

15:24 Up and out of play
FO - Detroit

15:15 Easy stop by Kiprusoff
FO - Detroit but whistled dead, Calgary

15:06 Offsides to Calgary
FO - Detroit

14:09 Icing by Detroit
FO (Needs to be won by Detroit) Calgary

13:16 Penalty to Calgary. Conroy with a High Stick on Holmstrom. Homer was hit in the head. Blood = 4 minutes. Homer doesn't want to leave the bench, they get out the butterfly's
FO - Calgary
(Calgary cleared the puck 6 times during the 4 minutes)

11:21 Oh Eff! (I don't know what that means)
FO Calgary

10:07 Kiprusoff saves shot #50 with .52 left in PP
FO - Calgary

9:18 Offsides Detroit with .2 left in PP
FO - Detroit

8:17 Penalty on Detroit. Lang for Hooking.
FO - Detroit
(Detroit clears 3 times during penalty)

6:29 Off Hasek and up and out. Wait, nope. Puck never hit Hasek.
FO (outside of zone) Calgary with .6 left

6:23 Out into netting again
FO - Detroit

3:59 Icing on Detroit. No change for the weary
TO - Detroit
FO - Detroit

3:00 Icing by Calgary

UPDATE: Holmstrom has been taken to the hospital
FO - Detroit

1:53 Warrener Hurt. Down righ of Kiprusoff. He's fine, just a pansie.
FO - Detroit

3.4 IS IT IN? Nope.
FO (Need a clean win by detroit for a shot on goal) Detroit

Going to Second OT. Shots in Overtime: 17 - 5 Detroit.

UPDATE ON HOMER: Holmstrom went to the hospital with a large bandage on his head, over his eye. Apparently, it wasn't JUST his head that was hurt by the high stick of Conroy.

If you remember, i stayed up for Game One of the Dallas/Vancouver series. I watched all 4 overtimes. I was SO pissed when Vancouver won. Detroit better not... i don't feel well.


20:00 FO - Calgary

19:16 Hasek covers
FO - Detroit

17:16 Offsides by Detroit
FO - Detroit


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Live Blog - Game 6 - It's in Overtime tied at 1

There's no live blog yet - my laptop is on the blink again. But i've got it and i'll have it shortly after the game. Go WINGS! You CAN do this!

Devils move on, Dallas stays alive and Calgary gets fined

Congratulations to the New Jersey Devils who beat Tampa Bay 3-2 this afternoon to move forward into the next round. They will now play Ottawa and Buffalo will play the New York Rangers.
Last night, Dallas shut out Vancouver again to tie the series at 3. Game 7 will be Monday night.
Jamie McLennan was suspended for 5 games for his slash on Franzen's chest last night. Jim Playfair was fined $25,000 and the Calgary Flames fined $100,000 for their part in the actions of the Calgary players. Lebda is out with a concussion because of Langkow's uppercut in the 3rd in which Lebda was penalized for "Clipping" Iginla speared, then crosschecked Schneider to the ice and was penalized, not counting his crosschecks on Zetterberg, Lidstrom and Draper all in the final minutes of play. Playfair... or Iginla.. one or the other, i forget which now was quoted as saying "That's the emotional part of the game." I totally disagree. There is no place in hockey for classless play as such put forth by the Calgary Flames in game 5. I hope the Wings teach them a lesson in front of their hordes of fans at the Saddledome this evening. 36 minutes to gametime. 6 minutes to Pregame. Go Wings. Good Luck.
Liveblog to follow.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Live Blog - Game 5 - Detroit 5, Calgary 1

Note: If i have to hear "Oh, what a save by Kiprusoff!" A million times today, It's going to be a bad day.

Note: I don't feel well.


Note: Lots of white in the stands.

20:00 - Opening Face off controlled by Detroit.

19:09 - Kiprusoff save - Covers.
FO controlled by Calgary

18:36 - Hasek saves and covers
FO controlled by Detroit

18:05 - Tanguay Point blank shot saved by Hasek on a misplay by Bertuzzi

17:57 - Offsides by Detroit.
FO - Calgary.

17:20 - Icing on Calgary
FO - Detroit

16:31 - Hasek Awesome save on Freison as a result from a 2 on 1

13:16 - Icing by Detroit


13:16: FO Detroit

13:00 - Lebda shoot puck over and into the netting.
FO - Detroit.

12:55 - Save by Kiprusoff and Maltby bowls Stuart over Kiprusoff
FO - Calgary

11:59 - Hasek covers instead of plays.
FO - Detroit

11:31 - Kiprusoff makes a great save. Penalty to Calgary. Players come together to the left of Kiprusoff. Hooking Penalty to Primeau. Cleary is also in the box though. For swatting Kiprusoffs hand. after he caught the puck. Kiprusoff is a cunt. 4 on 4
FO - Detroit.

10:33 - Lebda goes in offsides. 1:02 left in the 4 on 4
FO - Detroit

9:52 - Dom makes a HUGE save.

9:45 - Calgary in offsides.


FO - Detroit

9:35 - Penalty on Calgary - Hamrlik for Holding 4 on 3 for 4 seconds
FO - Detroit

8:27 - Kiprusoff makes a glove save. twice cleared by Calgary
FO not cleanly won but cleared by Calgary - twice
(5 times total)

7:01 - Detroit scores but is waved off... No goal. Penatly to... someone. Crowd not happy and they are calling goaltender interferance. Maltby was pushed into Kipper and he got a penalty. BULLSHIT. Power Play for Calgary

(Note - calgary will score)

(note - Calgary did not score. Detroit has some spunk but are having a hard time getting it to go in)


4:02 - FO Detroit

2:13 - Penalty on Detroit. At least this one was really a penalty. Schneider held up a guy from getting to the puck. They called it "hooking"
FO - Detroit and cleared down

:13 - Hasek hangs on. Somehow, Hasek did not let any goals in. Probably over a minute of pressure from Calgary.
FO Detroit

First Period over and it's Chelios & Cleary VS. Iginla & Warrener. Ref's break it up.

Shots 14 - 11 in favor of Detroit.

Thoughts on the first? We played well, except for a couple of give aways and an odd man rush (or 2) We played well on the Penalty Kill, but so did Calgary. Second period we need to lift the puck over Kiprusoff's pads, which are almost alway on the ice when he's sprawled out in the crease. Lift IT! Hit more - Let em know they are in OUR house and dig dig dig! Take No Bad Penalties!!

Second Period

20:00 FO - Detroit

18:05 Into Netting
FO - Detroit

17:59 - Chelios Penalty - High Stick.
FO - Detroit and cleared down



1-0 Detroit!
FO Detroit

14:02 Save by Kiprusoff on Zetterberg. Crowd is Booing - Penalty on Detroit? Yes. Holmstrom. Crosschecking
FO - Calgary

12:50 Offisides on Calgary. Detroit doing good job keeping puck out of zone
FO - Detroit but not cleanly - but out and down.

12:29 - Out of play into Calgary bench on the clear out by Detroit.
FO - Calgary

(Note to Detroit - Get someone IN FRONT OF THE NET! )

11:50 Penalty on Calgary Hooking

FO - Detroit

11:10 SCOOORE!!! Zetterberg! First of the Series!
2-0 Detroit!

FO - Detroit

11:03 Player Down - Cleary! Not moving! away from the play. Iginla is being a cock sucker to Draper!

On comes the stretcher. No ones fault Fans cheer "Calgary Sucks" Commercial

FO Detroit by not easy.
Cleary leaves ice by himself. Not on Stretcher.

10:45 Kiprusoff holds
FO - Detroit

10:41 Chelios shot saved kipper.
FO - Detroit.

10:25 Hasek makes huge save and lots of punches thrown
FO - Not won by ANYONE. But cleared down to Calgary end
PP Calgary

9:06 SCORE! CHELIOS! First goal of the YEAR! Short Handed! WOOOT 3-0 DETROIT!
FO Detroit

8:17 Kipper has it in his catching glove for a whistle
FO - Calgary

7:46 Save by Hasek. 11 left in the Penalty to Detroit
FO - Calgary

7:18 Draper shot held by Kipper Penalty over Hasek has been great
FO - Calgary

6:19 Offsides on Calgary
FO - Detroit

5:23 Penalty Detroit - To Many Men
FO - Calgary

(Note - Iginla bleeds )

5:07 - Offsides Flames
FO - Detroit

4:52 Penalty - Detroit for Slashing 5 on 3 for Calgary. 1:29 for that 2 man.
FO - Detroit

4:09 Great save Hasekd


.10 Left in the 2 man

3:31 Offsides on Calgary

2 Man is over.

3:06 - Stop foooor... i have no idea.
FO - Detroit

PP over.

2:35 - Offsides on Calgary
FO - Calgary

2:20 Hasek holds shot by Amonte
FO - Detroit

(Note - Cleary is on the ice. Yay! )

49.2 Kiprusoff holds it.
FO - Calgary

8.5 Held by Hasek.
FO - Detroit

At the horn - a crowd around Draper who was hit hard just before the buzzer.

Detroit 3-0

Thoughts on the second: Great you guys. Thank you for listening. Awesome penalty kill! 2 Shorties and a PP. Wow!

Third Period

20:00 FO - Detroit

19:26 - Save Kiprusoff
FO - Calgary

16:17 Not Paying Attention
FO - Detroit

15:40 Shot deflected into net
FO - Calgary

15:12 Penalty Warrener
FO - Detroit

14:48 SCOOORE! Zetterberg!! 4-0
FO - Detroit

11:37 - Hasek Save. Cleary is humping someone in the net.

FO Detroit

10:50 Penalty Iginla - Trippig
FO - Calgary

9:57 - Score Calgary - Lombardi Short Handed Video Review? Yup, Goal
FO - Detroit

9:41 Hits the netting
FO - Detroit

8:35 Player Down. Cleary trying to fight calgary player. Langkow uppercuts Lebda and Lebda goes in for Clipping.
FO - Wings

6:48 - Offsides on Calgary
FO Detroit

6:41 - Hits the netting
FO - Calgary
5:45 FO Detroit

4:42 Detroit Powerplay Langkow for Tripping. Bertuzzi bodyslams Phaneuf to the ice.

(note: They seem to have taken Lidstrom off the match up against Iginla )
(note: Maltby is talking shit to the Calgary bench )

4:18 SCOOOORE! DATSYUK! Off the backboard on Lidstrom's shot, straight to Datsyuk and IN.
FO Detroit

3:17 Penalty on Calgary for Slashing.

Calgary changing goaltenders. Kiprusoff going off, McLennan in.

HOLY SHIT! McLennan getting a penalty for two slashes on Franzen's legs. The puck rolls behind the net, McLennan plays it for the whistle then comes around the net and slams Franzen with his stick. Immediately sent off. I forsee Suspensions and fines in this one. It is like they put him out there JUST to hurt someone. WTF! Kipper back in. WHo's going to back him up tomorrow?

2:59 Five on Three for Detroit
FO Detroit

2:18 Save Kiprusoff. 1:01 left in 5 on 3. No - Hudler goes off and its 4 on 3 for .35
FO - Detroit

1:30 Save Kipper
FO - Calgary

42.2 Iginla spears then crosschecks Schneider! Sent to the Lockerroom is Iginla. Penalty.

9.8 More fighting Draper and Nilson going at it.
FO - Detroit

Game over 5-1 Detroit. Calgary needs to get into some serious trouble for trying to hurt our guys. I was worried to play the Preds because of Tootoo, but this was crazy. They were purposely trying to hurt our guys!

Everyone leaves the ice easily, but i think Detroit needs to take this adrenaline into Calgary tomorrow night and beat the piss out of those assholes. To bad it was the Back up Goaltender that gets suspended. Those pussies can't play a good game. We didn't try to hurt your asses 3 years ago. I hate Calgary!

Two more move on

The Buffalo Sabres held off a 3 goal 3rd period by the New York Islanders last night to win the game 4-3 and the series 4-1.

San Jose beat Nashville after Patrick Marleau scored the game winner and series clincher with just 4:21 left in the game. Nashville one once in this series, a mirror reflection of last seasons first round defeat against, who else? the Sharks. Scott Nichol was givin a game misconduct and a spearing major at 14:58 in the second to lead to Marleau's first goal.

and with just 14 shots on net, New Jersey put 3 of them in past Holmqvist to win the game 3-0 as Brodeur was awesome in net, facing 31 shots himself. That series is now 3-2 in favor of the Devils.

Detroit is back home looking for some love and a win against Calgary. Calgary has won games 3 and 4 at home after the Wings won the first 2 at the Joe. Calgary and Detroit were first and second respectivly in wins at home during the season. Lets hope the Wings can keep up the home team winning streak today. 1 hour and 20 minutes to opening face off at 3PM.

and tonight at 8, the Dallas Stars will do their best to fend off Vancouver and stay alive in this series. And they hope to do it in regulation instead of going into Overtime for the 4th time in this series. Vancouver currently holds the lead in the series 3-2.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Update from last night.

Last night, the Anaheim Ducks defeated the Minnesota Wild 4 games to 1 to win the series.
and The Ottawa Senators beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 4-1 to win the Series.
Also, Dallas scored the only goal of the game in Overtime to stay alive against Vancouver.
and as we all know, Detroit fell to Calgary again 3-2 and the series is now tied at 2.


Buffalo looks to close the series with the Islanders. They currently are leading the series 3-1
Tampa Bay and New Jersey are both looking for their 3rd win of the series tonight

San Jose is looking to knock Peter Forsberg and the Nashville Predators out of the playoffs with a win on the road.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Live Blog - Game 4 - Calgary 3, Detroit 2

Wooo.. Pregame in 15 minutes.

Last game. We knew they were going to come to play. they had no choice. And at home, they are the best team in the league. However - we HAVE to win tonight. Why? Who wants a "best of 3?" And personally, 2002 Canucks... they win 2 and we come back... I don't want that to happen to use. Who does?

10 minutes to the game. Hope the refs are better.


C takes it back Hasek lays for lids to Markov. Lang up to Calgary. back into center Lang to pick it up gave it away Lombardi tries to clear on second try to center Lombardi to Hasek and both teams change Lebda behind the net up passed up and into zone Chelios up taken in by Datsyuk and back out. Wings change out D. Calgary takes it to center to Franzen Wings can't get it in. Filppula dumped and Calgary gets a penalty.

I’m cooking. brb

Quick update. Calgary fights off penalty. Wings penalty on Schneider. Wings penalty on Hasek. sent Zetterberg to the box for it. score Calgary 1-0 score.

Wings bad change in comes Iginla great stop by Hasek Commercial

It was Hasek's fault that he dove... yes... but Calder got a horrible goal on the same thing last game and I think that the refs calling him for waving his stick at Iginla is shit.

high stick and face off not really won by anyone. refs don't seem to call shit on Calgary. hand pass in Calgary zone by Detroit and a whistle. Chelios shoots it back

SCOOOORE BERTUZZI!!!!!!!!! Game tied at 1.

Calgary behind the net shoots in front and misses. Lang at center doesn't get it deep and back to d end... c holds Franzen and no call. Lilja shoots it in and Kiprusoff effs up. Hamrlik hits homer to up to center and misplayed at center by C and back. Samuelsson to Zetterberg hot missed C up shoot Scores 2-1 Calgary. Hasek didn't see it. Screened by Lilja and Lebda. off Lilja and deflected down.

Calder makes a hit, down to D end and Lilja gets it. Icing on C.


Hasek didn't skate his morning - Ozzie took practice

Maltby with a chance saved by Kiprusoff. draper wins FO. Schneider shoots from the line and save again by Kiprusoff. scrum in front and the refs don't allow it. no penalties and draper takes the FO again. sins it again Schneider shoots again and misses, C gets it to C and in the zone. Lilja takes his man and Wings et the puck up and offsides. 5:05 left. Calgary gets FO. Lids back for the puck in out to center, Bertuzzi fights off his guy and Lebda gives it to Chelios SCOOOOOOOORE! FRANZEN!!!

Detroit at the FO. back into D end. taken from D at center and into D zone. shot saved and cleared to Center by D. into C end and Calgary has it. all the way down to Hasek and pushed to the corner. d takes it up and Filppula gets it right in front, shot saved by Kiprusoff. backhand shot.

face off shot saved by Kiprusoff. Calgary gets to FO and they take it all the way down. shot at Hasek covered up. Bertuzzi calls his guy a "fucking pussy" kinda funny. Wings goals by Franzen (he's got a purdy mouth) and Bertuzzi. 3 left in the first. off the draw, taken by C and shot over the net. Cleary to Maltby in for draper puck missing. c gets it and takes it back to D end. draper takes it into C zone. and pushed to corner but brought back out again. Samuelsson takes it back and it’s shot up and out of the zone. C puts it back in and behind the net. fewer than 2 left in the period. Chelios puts it in the zone and makes a change. C pushes it back in C and Zetterberg with a pretty move to et it back to the C zone. Homer to lids fired in and Kiprusoff gets it. 1:10 left in the first. I heart draper. FO by Detroit and cleared out. last minute. Bertuzzi to Lang and misses the net. Bertuzzi takes it and C gets it back and it D zone and after Franzen avoids a hit, its taken back out and pushed all the way down. back out of the zone Hasek comes out to play and taken back to C. and period over.

Interview Lang.

new friends Lang. how different? slow five but start holding puck and Bertuzzi scores. does give you jump. yes. when you get some pucks in the net and calmed down, it'll come wild period. definitely. couples of goals we want back, but they play hard we need to battle hold on to the puck more (miss the question) make the plays and keep it simple.


Update quick. Pittsburgh has been defeated 3-0 in game 5 and is now out of the playoffs. See you next year, Sidney Crosby.

Dallas Vancouver tied at 0 with 10:30 left in the first Dallas HAS to win. Minnesota at Anaheim at 10:30 EDT. Brad May has been suspended 3 games for a sucker punch on Johnson in Tuesdays' game.

Second period on its way. Let’s see if someone can't bitch at the Wings in that locker room.


Moved up by D and shot on Kiprusoff saved out and into D zone. up to center and in for Datsyuk off the bar. up to Huselius. around behind Hasek and in the corner. kept in by C and hit by Iginla on Zetterberg not as hard as Iginla wanted. corner loose luck by Langkow hard by Datsyuk and out of the zone. Calgary changes and Calgary gets a penalty for hooking.

Cleary wins draw to Lang to Cleary and back to Lang. Bertuzzi in slot and Samuelsson fires and misses. flames send it down the ice. Samuelsson to Bertuzzi misplayed back into corner, cleared to the point and out of the zone. into zone by Bertuzzi and shoots, misses. cleared back out and a minute left. Zetterberg in and to center, cleared back out I type badly. back up by Schneider. and cleared around and back the fuck out. Zetterberg in on goal, across the crease to the point shot and held by Kiprusoff. Good save. he just falls the eff over. Jerk. 10 seconds left in PP. fixing the net and to the FO. Controlled by draper but the flames get to it. Flames at full strength and shot in past Kiprusoff and icing.

face off won by D. Franzen moves it in and misses his play. Detroit in the corner gets it to draper and up to malts in front Kiprusoff saves and covers it up. FO to the R of Kiprusoff and moved out to center. picked up by Datsyuk and to Zetterberg and Iginla gets it but taken by Homer and back into C zone. cleared up into D zone and flames change it up as it goes offsides at the D line.

C gets the FO and shot in by Calgary. Puck moves into the crease as Hasek leaves it and its touched up by D for the icing. FO taken by C and into the corner. broken stick for C and the flames get it and bring it out. Past Hasek, into the corner and Lombardi has it behind. Calder brings it out and C takes it back> Up to center and in and offsides by C again.


Chelios is now 4th in All time NHL Playoff games played.

FO by C moved up behind net and Schneider to enter to Franzen to C and back out. Hasek got a piece of the shot and Detroit gets a penalty. Pile up - no extra penalties. Lang in the box though. Not Schneider. ??? For hooking but the refs are dumb. FO by d and not shot out. Fighting behind the net, Conroy gets it in front and now behind and ANOTHER penalty but who? on Lidstrom. Fucking 5-3 for Calgary for a minute and a half. Fucking bullshit bastard mother fucking call that was BULLSHIT! FAAAAG!

Calgary gets the puck and will score. Lilja clears it out and Calgary will score. Not cleared and Tanguay shoots and misses. in front and they score. Told you FUCKERS! 3-2 Calgary and the PP isn't over. RW suck on PK.

No one touched Langkow in front. they let him score. Still on the PP for another minute, they'll score again. Cleared out by Franzen, but they'll score again. Shot wide by Hamrlik Cleary sends it out and Hamrlik brings it offsides. this is a bullshit game. the refs fucking blow HARD. Mickey Redmond is pissing me off as well. 12 left on the PP. In the zone and cleared out by Lilja. wow, I was wrong. good. RW back at even and C gets the puck into he zone. Fought for in the corner. and pushed in front, taken back by D. Lebda sends it in and goes after it. Franzen misses the puck and its back in the D zone. Icing on D - via Lilja, 9:37 left in the second. 3-2 Calgary.

Commercial. FUUUUUUUUCK!

talk talk talk talk talk about effin Calgary about nothing. FO finally Lang takes it and loses it. Calgary gets it and shoots sent wide. Calgary gets it and shoots again. taken out Kiprusoff plays it to corner. Lang steals it to Franzen who gets it taken away. "Franzen doesn't play puck cleanly" duh, heard that al to tonight. back out to center by C and into D zone. Pushed back out by D who can't fucking pass? Homer raped and the refs think so too, so the Wings are on the PP. We wont' be scoring here. We suck - you know - a lot on the PP. Calgary will send it out a lot and we wont' get any chances.

FO controlled by C and to Schneider to Cleary to Lidstrom shot sent wide. and Yelle clears it. (1) Lidstrom back up into zone to Schneider. to lids shoots and saved by Kiprusoff. 1:21 left in the pp. draw by Homer to lids to Datsyuk shoot miss. Zetterberg to Homer to Homer and Kiprusoff gets it. no whistle so Homer takes a whack and offends C. Zetterberg loses his lid and its back on now. FO to C. Datsyuk to lids blocked and not cleared. Homer to Datsyuk back around to lids to Datsyuk and cleared and taken up by Yelle on a bad bounce, and a hooking call to D by Datsyuk. Barely a call and they fucking CALL it again. GOOOOD DAAAAMN!! Hooorible calls. 4 on 4 for 25. Franzen up shot into the glove of Kiprusoff who keeps it alive. Franzen shot wide. draper puts it in deep. easy bring in by Langkow and Chelios sends it back the length. Steve (hubby) having a FIT like I am. Back in to D and Iginla gets a penalty for hooking to Chelios. J E S U S C H R I S T T H I S G A M E S U C K S ! ! ! !

FO By c. 42 sec 4 on 4. Lebda hurt going to bench. in C zone. RW pp. Lang up to lids to Schneider and Kiprusoff saves it again. Lebda cut. Primeau cut the fuck out of him. Flames clear it on D PP. Samuel. to lids to Samuelsson to Homer to Samuelsson shot missed lids to hank to Datsyuk around to hank and missed cleared by mother fucking c and intercepted by - who cares. Homer hit from behind a lot. fight for the puck lids at the line shot toward goal sent wide. Flame at full. Calder in the way to Zetterberg. to Calder Filppula has it couldn't clear by Hamrlik and Calder brings it back Calder misses the puck. Iginla on ten by D and up to C. Flip to Franzen c brings it back put to center and sent in for change. d send it to C and back to D zone. Primeau misses a shot, Amonte sends it back to Prem. behind and taken around Langkow has it and to Stewart to in corner. over stick and Cleary sends to center. lids up to center to Lang one minute remain. Bertuzzi to Lids at center. offsides by Bertuzzi. 47.2 left in 2nd.


Unreadable yet?

Bertuzzi takes the FO. wins and sent in. cleared back out by C and to D zone. Lids up to center Lang drives and it’s forced wide. nice Bertuzzi check and Chelios sends it in on Kiprusoff and he saves. shots 23/24 for flames.

this is a shitty game. PK suck, PP suck, REFS suck, PASSING, SHOOTING, FLAMES ALL FUCKING SUUUUUCK!

Dallas and Vancouver no score. Anaheim has 1 against the Wild who has none.
You know, I understand that Calgary didn't get here by some weird lottery system. They fought for it like we did... just not as hard... So I have to assume that they are going to play and you know, score. What I am mostly pissed about in THIS game is the refs. I was excited that we weren't going to have those same offsides calling bastards as last game, but this is crazier. Offsides I’d be happy with. it’s the stupid phantom calls that I’m hating. And not just me, but the announcers - Mickey & ken - Larry Murphy and the effer in the studio. the coach as well. He said "we're going to need to shield the refs a little better" but come on. 2 lengthy 5 on 3's that produced 2 of their goals and we can't seem to do anything on the PP. Grow up you guys. Remember last year's exit. Use it and fight harder. Shut up the fucking fans. They suck too.
third period on its way. And it prolly won't be pretty. *sigh*

Third Period.

Lebda is still questionable and is getting stitches.

FO controlled by Detroit. Sent in by Schneider and maltby makes a hit, but sent down to D end by C. Penalty on Calgary just 24 seconds in. Lilja thought it was on him... likely enough with this game. How many times will C clear it? Taken in and then back out by C. (1) D gets it and to center, hooked a lot. gains the zone and Schneider shoots and Kiprusoff saves. Zetterberg has a bad skate and has to go off to get it fixed. C clears the zone (2) and it’s brought in by Datsyuk. Cleared back out (3) Hasek plays to lids. Lang brings it in, to the comer and up and around... D gets and passes across to no one. Bertuzzi gets and passes to no one. Cleared by C (4) 15 left. and a shot is saved and it’s cleared again (5) Penalty over. 0-5 on the PP. Cleary to corner, cleared out to C. Cleary there sends it back and C picks it up behind Kiprusoff. to C and into zone by draper. fights for it in the corner and kept in by Lilja Calgary sends it up and out and it’s chased. Iced by Detroit. Lebda back on the ice. Stitches to his chin. Ouch. Zetterberg back too. FO in C end. Controlled by D and a quick shot picked up by Kiprusoff. FO again by D and Cleary in the corner. comes out with it. Chelios to Calder to Zetterberg. in behind to Samuelsson lose to Chelios to. deep into D zone. Chelios to center stolen by Amonte and to center. Primeau a shot held by Hasek. FO by D and out to center. Franzen to zone and back out to Center. C holds it and then brings it in and screws up and it’s put back in center by D. Held behind the net, C shoots it out and D gets it and puts it back down. Back to center around behind Hasek. draper up but its taken by Stewart. centered and up 3 on 3. Datsyuk shot blocked. High sticked down by Iginla. nothing good happening here.


we can only play better right? if not today, then Saturday.

Battle off the draw and Iginla brings it up. Lidstrom knocks it down and offsides. shot up and around by D and puck bounces in front of Kiprusoff and taken down to Hasek by Langkow - Stopped by Hasek and
sent out, but back in... how about we just call this "Calgary takes it from Detroit and its cleared back out." or "Detroit isn't playing for shit" or "Hey, send it to the guy in red" Or "Penalty to Detroit" or "Detroit has no PP" or "Flames score on the PP" I think I’m done here. 11:25 left in the game. if anything good happens, I’ll let you know. And I’ll tell you the final score. Past that.... I’m not going to continue to liveblog a shitty hockey game. I don’t feel well.

loss. 3-2 series over. we suck goodbye

Dallas Vancouver no score with 10 ish left in the 3rd

1-0 Anaheim almost over in the second

Playoff update

Wednesday Night Updates.

Go Rangers! Way to sweep the Thrash with a 4-2 win last night.

New Jersey needed extra time to beat Tampa Bay last night 4-3 to tie the series at 2.

Buffalo took a 3 games to 1 stand over the Islanders last night after winning 4 - 2. Can the islanders win 3 straight?

Nasville lost to San Jose in the late game and are now down by 2 games in the series. They need to win 3 as well to go forward in these playoffs.

Tonight - Live blog. Please tell me how i did - or am doing.. So i know i'm not doing it all in vain. And promise not to leave mid game agian. Game on - 9:30 PM. Posting starts at 9ish with pregame notes and all. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

LIVE Live Blog - Game 3 - Calgary 3, Detroit 2

Here we are. LIVE live blog. Published at each COMMERCIAL BREAK!!! I shall do my very best.

70 minutes to drop of the puck...
Into Calgary at the Saddledome.

3 minutes to 10 PM EDT
Todd Bertuzzi is IN - Hudler is OUT
Regehr is OUT for Calgary
This is going to be SO hard... I hope its not 9 days long

Puck Drop, Bitches!

Detroit wins the opening face off. Detroit takes it into the zone . Stewart lays out Homer. I guess they want to take out Nicky. long shot in for a line change. Stewart clears it out and then Detroit takes it back in, misplayed and taken back out. into Detroit end. fight in the corner. puck in the crease. back to the corner. taken out to center, line change. back into Detroit end. playing the puck well is Calgary. penalty to Detroit early on Schneider. at 17:59. Holding.
Detroit gets the puck and cleared out by Zetterberg. crowd chanting HASEK. offsides Calgary. faceoff outside the zone, taken again by Detroit and cleared to Calgary end. Calgary sets up and sends the puck in, played by Hasek and draper clears it down. one done in the pp. Calgary misplayed to Detroit and cleared into zone again. brought to center by the flames and shot in by Iginla. able to set up a bit, flames get a shot off. tipped in front, Hasek gets a piece of it. to corner. shot on Hasek, save. pp over and Iginla instigating with Cleary. Iginla points at Markov... looking for a fight. linesman break it up.
OOOH, Hamrlik gets a roughing, Detroit on a powerplay. Belltire Power Play! Detroit wins face off. Zetterberg takes it in and it’s cleared by the flames... Back in with the puck is Zetterberg, cleared by flames. And again... Zetterberg in - cleared. Shot in and the rebound is cleared again. Bertuzzi brings it back in, fought off by Phaneuf and cleared out again. Samuelsson shoots and it’s wide. Calgary penalty over, 13:51 left


Face off in C end. won by Detroit... Markov & Cleary keep it in, but taken out by C. high stick down, whistle. Face off Detroit, Cleary puck to the face and is cut. Bleeding and Calgary gets 4 minutes. Primeau in the box for high sticking. C wins the FO and taken all the way down to Hasek. Wings get a couple of shots before it’s cleared down. Zetterberg brings it down, offsides.
Bertuzzi gets booed and is called on offsides. Crowd is Sad... Sad and Quiet. Calgary wins again, but picked up by D. shot deflected. shot set up, and puck shot over net. cleared out. Lidstrom brings it in. wings set up. passes and flames clear it. 1.30 left for the PP. breakaway for C and shot sent thru the crease. taken back in by Bertuzzi and it’s cleared again. C shoots the puck out and the refs call it deflected. 44 secs on pp. cleared to center by C again, but D takes it in offsides. C wins FO. 20 sec left. Conroy on a breakaway is... Lidstrom catches up and he gets no shot off. D is 0/3 on pp tonight. Markov keeps it in but it’s pushed to center. Detroit chases, Calgary playing well. Lang to Lebda shoots into kipper. Goalless with 8:31 in the 1st


Calgary wins face off. taken to D end and shot up into D bench. Face off win D. taken up, onsides and kipper picks it up for a whistle. Bertuzzi with the puck. taken out by C, shot blocked by Lilja. Icing on D, but the puck went thru the crease. Shitty call. FO win by D. shot deflected. and taken just outside line. Hooking call to Detroit. SHITTY call. PP for C. Shot misses net and is cleared down by D. Brought up shot. missed. passed around... Iginla, shot. hit outside post. cleared out. line changed Datsyuk playing well in C end. Datsyuk to Marko missed net. taken to D end and D blocks shots. cleared. PP over. Taken back in by C. Cleared by D. Set up by C. taken down. Yell with Puck to Friesen. Neilson to Friesen Schneider to center. Conroy takes it in. Hasek plays it. Bertuzzi takes from Amonte fired it hit on Bertuzzi breaks his stick. flames zone with Homer and Datsyuk. Holmstrom missed net. Lidstrom shot wide. Homer to Zetterberg. kept in by D. Zetterberg shot hit Warrener in the head. . Can't get up. In the mouth it looks like...


D wins FO. 2.5 left. Lilja great play. not cleared Lombardi shot missed. c shot missed again. maltby to center C shot into Hasek's chest. held. Couple of good hits going on by both teams. Stewart shot missed. to center. over Homer's stick back into d end. cleared out and d changes as taken back into d end. Hasek plays it aside. in center against board. whistle. shots are 6/4 Calgary. goalless with 50 in the first left. Hasek makes awesome save. Tanguay stolen Hamrlik shoots saved and cleared. offsides. D wins FO. taken into C end. 10 left... Calgary has it behind the net. and buzzer sounds

Interview Bertuzzi.
how do you feel? feel okay? a while to get everything under belt. good period. fans into it.
visor? a bit of adjustment.
different line? not a problem.
change play? more shots
happy about first? on road, happy with no goals.


Second Period

SCOOORE! DRAPER!!! Yeah, I just got home. Stupid effer didn't meet me on time.
Off the leg in front of the goal, overtop of Hasek. Schneider takes it up and inside and changes, but refs call icing. Lilja swearing goes to the bench. Off the face off, loose in front, cleared away by D. Bertuzzi shoots in and save Kipper. (Kippers eyes are too far apart) Fought hard for behind hipper, C has it. puck to center and picked up by Markov. Up to Calder from Lidstrom, C has it again. Conroy behind the net shoot blocked. Lang hits Stewart and it’s taken back to D end. Flames zone by Zetterberg. and it’s saved by kipper.


Cleary with the puck up to Chelios back to Cleary. Draper gets picked and Lebda shoots - save. Maltby to line to Lebda - save kipper. out to center. Amonte up to 2 on 1 - Primeau missed the net. taken out and offsides. Dammit. 2 on 1 for Calgary due to a bad line change, but all is good. No shot on goal even. Detroit chips it in. and back out by Iginla. shot missed and taken back out . Markov to Calgary and taken back to C. Iginla to Langkow shot missed Franzen hits Iginla. Taken into C end and missed. Schneider heads up ice and sends it deep. Yelle takes it in the zone and its taken away and to center to Filppula. Back into the RW end. Schneider changes. Lebda to lang. tried to Lebda but comes back. waits looks. shoots misses. to center for Lebda and pushed back in while RW changes. Cleary stops the puck and it’s taken down into D end. Passed backwards but missed - out and back in. offsides on C.

2 left

lose in front, Maltby missed the shot. Conroy shot hits net. Tanguay puts it offsides. Iginla - shot to Hasek pushed aside. Markov to Lidstrom to Datsyuk to Zetterberg. shot picked up by Kipper. Face off controlled by C. cleared back down picked up by Lebda. Filppula moves the puck from in front of Hasek from Yelle. shot up by Chelios SHATTERS the glass. Second period closes with 10 seconds left with that shattered glass. Shots 20/17 with Calgary ahead.

I'm sorry I missed the first 12 of the second. I was to meet someone who was giving me a RW sweater - sort of. It’s black and it’s from 2002, but who am I to deny? He was 30 minutes late. I KNEW I shouldn't have gone. I missed Markov's penalty & Calgary's ensuing goal. I picked it up just 2 minutes later. 3rd is yet to come.

can I just say? This game is REALLY SLOOOOW compared to the first 2 games. It feels like a November game against Florida. It means nothing. The crowd that is supposed to be SOooOOoooO great is pretty much silent during play with the exception of a few boos on Bertuzzi and the HASEK chant from the first. I'm sure it was loud after the goal, but that's to be expected. Nothing is going on. It’s kinda boring.

Finishing up the last 10 seconds in the second. Calgary wins FO taken to D end and its over. Tied at 1 after 2...

goalies change ends. Goalies set the crease like they like it and the face off at center to start the 3. Cleary Draper Maltby. Draper wins that FO. The shot up was blocked and then sent up. CLEARY SMACKS Phaneuf. SCOOOORE !! DRAPER! Holy hit by Cleary who then gives Draper the puck and he scores.
Detroit on the motor again. lose puck Datsyuk taken away by Calgary. Markov slides in the way of the puck, swiped aside by Hasek. linesman in the way, Calgary gets the puck again. nope, Detroit. taken away in the neutral zone and back to set up. Bertuzzi out of reach and taken back. Schneider to Bert who falls. Franzen intercepts but taken by C. into D end. Penalty - interference on Schneider.
Dom loses the puck in the crease. The ref blows the whistle. Puck at the top of the crease and the light comes on. horn blows. NO GOAL DUMMY
PP continues stays in D end. hard time for D to get the puck. Hasek thinks about playing it... Calgary keeps it in. Mistake by Detroit. Shot Calgary. Score. FUCK. Zetterberg’s fault. Lidstrom attempts a pass to Zetterberg, who missed the puck. and picked up by C who shoots it hard.
Lose puck Calder. Samuelsson. Schneider s hoots and misses. Puck missing in front of net, cleared out by Calgary into their own bench.

Game tied at 2.

Lidstrom shot misses. Markov to Filppula. Alarms at the Saddledome. Penalty on Detroit. Interference on Markov. ALARMS. shut the effers off. Bullshit penalty. Dammit. Bad. Fire Alarms are going off. Keep playing; there are fire alarms at the home of the Flames.
Bells are bugging me. Shot Huselius. Save Hasek. Bells are done and crowd likes it. Shot wide Hasek saves. Cleared by Lidstrom. Offsides but cleared out by D. Zetterberg off the bench. alone in the zone. taken back into D - no shots before it’s cleared again. Shot up to Schneider shot back down on net. stopped. penalty over. Markov shoots high. Chelios to Calder. Calder down Langkow holds puck to boards with skates. Lebda gets it from D zone and sends it up. back down to D end and Lebda takes it. Lilja hit mid ice. Holding by C not called. Score - Iginla. 3-2 Calgary with 10 and a half left.
Markov fires it, stopped. Draper to maltby to Schneider. knocked down and called offsides by Calgary.


Face off - Detroit. ish. Sent down to Hasek and back up by Datsyuk. No penalty as Homer is tripped up. Hasek p[lays it behind the net, but not well Markov to Holmstrom to Zetterberg. cleared by Iginla to center Hamrlik intercepted by Calder off Calder stayed in Calder hit by Conroy Samuelsson. shoots Save Kipper. Calder goaltender interference FUUUUUUUUUCK. Jesus Christ. Hasek was right when he said that the refs wouldn't like Detroit in Calgary. But I thought that the refs were supposed to be partial. Detroit better be telling their players something good during the


Kipper faked it. Loser. Face off with 8:53 left in the game. 50/50 and flames have it. Iginla in cleared to center. played up chipped in deep Lidstrom on it Chelios recovers Langkow to Franzen up with Cleary deep. Markov fires saved. up again Hasek saved. taken by Schneider. 25 left in penalty. Datsyuk to Chelios 5 to go in PP. center in D and taken out by Datsyuk penalty up to Calgary. Interference. Bastards. Gay Gay Bastards. Bertuzzi gonna play PP. First one for D since 6:33 of the first. CRAP. Bertuzzi to Lang to Schneider deflected. Bertuzzi to Calder and cleared by Warrener. Hasek stops it to Samuelsson to corner to Bertuzzi and Yelle clears it as he’s hit. Homer shoots off the leg and nelson clears it. Schneider to kipper who leaves it. sends it around to Schneider to Lidstrom to Homer free and flames will bring it out. Damn shot missed the net and Hasek. d gets it deep. kipper saves Filppula to Lidstrom shots whiffed - Calgary by one...


DAMMIT down by one. Still time left to tie it, but a tie in OT isn't going to get us a point this time. Calgary playing better, but its expected. IF IF IF we lose, we'll still be OK. There is time left. 4:30 left. Win the dra. Lebda shot kipper stopped but didn't know where. Calgary takes it up and offsides on C. Shot around by C. behind Hasek. Iginla misses, takes it in the zone Huselius with the puck. Iginla loses it and it comes to Hasek who covers it. Shots 28/27 Detroit. Face off Detroit. and a whistle again. Schneider. pass missed, back into D zone. Lang in corner with Bertuzzi draper gets puck, Lombardi on him Lang gets it. Lang in front, no time to shoot. cleared out. 2:30 left. down by 1. Datsyuk to Homer offsides. Dammit. Kipper to Warrener Langkow misses puck. Homer shoots, misses by a lot
back in d end. Datsyuk to Lidstrom. up to Markov to Homer in front, Nilson has it. 1 20 left. Schneider. to Lebda to Cleary missed the net. Hasek to Lebda to Bertuzzi on C zone. one minute. Stewart Hasek in net. Hasek o bench red wings with 6 Samuelsson with it, Lidstrom in 35
up 30
Datsyuk to Zetterberg cleared not out. on kipper save. Faceoff with 21.6 left. Score 3-2 Calgary. Detroit about to go 2-1 unless they can pull it out of their ass. Time out, Detroit. We can do it. More time on clock 22.5 left.
Draper on FO. flames in it. don’t clear. puck loose and whistle with 15.5(my heart beats thru my chest) Lang on FO. in corner. Calgary clears and its over. Calgary wins 3-2.

How I feel? The Refs kinda sucked. time after time. they called offsides and those interference calls. Damn. we should get the same refs all series. that’s shit.
The refs were kinda junky. Draper had a good game. But it didn't matter in the end. The game started SO slow. Detroit is tired - they spent all day here yesterday but I’m sure it still felt late. Calgary played a lot better. we NEEEED to win the next one. NEED to. We can't let them back in this series. FYI - Forgive the MANY MANY typos.


I apparently chose to disregard last night’s games, so here you go.

Tampa Bay beat New Jersey 3 -2 to go up 2 -1
Buffalo beat the Islanders 3-2 and go up 2-1 on the series
San Jose beat Nashville who was without Rattle-off 3-1 and go up 2-1.


the Rangers DESTROYED Atlanta 7-0 with a hat trick by Nylander and NY is up 3-0 on the series.
Ottawa defeated Pittsburg 2-1 and lead that series 3-1 Staal got the only tally for the Pens
Vancouver takes a 3-1 on Dallas after winning 2-1... in regulation
Minnesota had no choice and beat Anaheim 4-1 to stay alive and avoid being swept but are still down 3 -1

Thank you and good night.

Wings outshoot Flames 30-28

Monday, April 16, 2007

Woohoo and Last night!

Anaheim is just one win away from sweeping Minnesota after holding back another late attempt to come back by the Wild. They should look into playing their end game closer to the beginning. Anaheim went up 3 games to none in a 2-1 win last night.
Speaking of 2-1 scores. Vancouver and Dallas have a hard time finishing in regulation, as 67% of thier games so far have gone into overtime (and overtime and overtime and overtime) Vancouver came out the victors last night after just over 7 minutes of overtime and now leads the series 2-1.
Pittsburgh melted down yesterday after going up 1-0 in the first minute of play to 4-1 going into the third. Sidney Crosby scored a pretty goal from his knees to make it 4-2, but that's the way it stayed. Ottawa is now leading the series 2-1.
Can i just say - I've been watching Hockey for 5 days now and i LOVE it! My kids are mad at me, but i don't mind. It's playoffs, Baby!
Great news came today by way of my new power cord. Looking forward to LIVE BLOGS!
Yay Hockey!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Update on my live blogs.

Real quicklike.
My power cord on my laptop is broken. My battery is dead as well. I have one on its way - a power cord - so basicly what this means, since i can't see the tv from my livingroom computer, i write everything down, then add it after the game. It is a bit difficult to write fast... i think i type faster than i write.. so as soon as i get that power cord, i'll live blog - live - and post at intermissions. I'm sorry if i've confused anyone... These are "live-ish" blogs... or, you know.. the equivalent of "taped live"

Live Blog - Game 2 - Detroit 3, Calgary 1

I was arguing with a can when the game started. I pick it up 55 seconds in...

GOAL!!! Datsyuk a minute and two in!! Stupid can.
Warrener getting a pentalty at 17:45.
Conroy getting a high sticking penalty at 17:05
SCOOOORE! Lidstrom! at 16:10!! See what you can do with having more guys on the ice than them?
Penalty - Hale at 15:06. Calgary is out of CONTROL! Calgary has called their time out.
Calgary pissed at Hudler for going after the puck when it squirted loose from Kiprusoff.
Detroit comes out of scrum with another 5 on 3.
2 man no good. PP over at 11:46 - oooh, Warrener gets ANOTHER penalty!

Penalty over - No good. Kiprusoff made great saves on it
Calgary has calmed down a lot.
Detroit Penalty - Schneider at 6:58
5:19, penalty to draper. 5 on 3 for Calgary for 21 seconds. Face off cleared immediately by detroit. 2 Man over, cleared again. Penalty over - great kill by detroit.

Zetterberg makes an awesome play to stay onsides. Slow finish to an end of a fast period.
Shots 23 - 8 for Detroit. Score 2 - 0.

Second Period
18:51 - Penalty to Samuelsson. Calgary Scores. PP goal. Ugly deflect off Chelios' glove and over Hasek's glove and in. Ugly one. 2-1

Wings aren't getting their passes. They don't seem to be working as hard for the puck.

Penalty - Calder after Calgary got away with to many men. Detroit will need to play well on this Penalty Kill to avoid letting the Flames catch up.

Announcer: "when it doubt, Draper."

A couple of good clears - a few even. Looks like this one is over. 2 on 1 for Detroit. Lang with the puck. Shot saved by Kiprusoff. Lang with Lots of time got too close and ran out of angle. Detroit is doing a bit better.

2 on 1 Calgary, hot missed. Calgary hasn't had a penalty in a while. Since the first perod. In the stands is the 2007 MSU Hockey Team. NCAA Champs.

Second period over. Shots 35 - 11 in favor of Detroit.
(Words used this period that i like: Stimey & Skiddered)

Third Period:
Welcome Back. Busy for a few minutes. I pick it up at 15:06 of the 3rd.

SCORE!!! Filppula for his second of the series! 3-1 Detroit!

Offsides Calgary at 13:33

Back and Forth - pong game again. At 8:50 left in the third, the shots are 12 to 41 in favor of Detroit.
Detroit penalty - Holmstrom for hooking.

Zetterberg has a great break away... miss.
Penalty Calgary at 5:23 of the 3rd.
Penalty Calgary at 3:59
36 second 5 on 3 for Detroit for their 3rd one of the game. But alas, no goals on that PP.
PENALTY HALE at 1:41 left in the game
30 seconds left in the game
Penalty Chelios...
Game over - Final score 3-1 Detroit. Shots this game 51-15 for Detroit.
Shots in series: 97 - 35 for Detroit.
Kiprusoff is playing very well.
Hasek is playing good for the amount of shots... and he's stopping some quality shots.

Detroit leads series 2-0.

Bertuzzi STILL out

Read in today's Detroit Free Press:

Bertuzzi practiced Saturday, but he is still expected to be a scratch for today's game for precautionary reasons. Gee, maybe he can intimidate the Flames by scowling really hard.

Start scowling, Todd.

An update on last nights games, and series'

Pittsburgh pulled one out of their collective arses and beat Ottawa yesterday. Sidney Crosby got the game winner off the shaft of his stick. Woot! They play again.... TONIGHT? Yup. Series tied up at 1... you know, as of right now.

Rangers beat Atlanta again. This was a low scoring game, very defensive. Both of the Rangers goals came from former Red Wings. Avery & Shanahan. Rangers take a 2-0 lead in the series.

Tampa Bay beat New Jersey by scoring a goal in all three periods. New Jersey forgot there was a third period, only scoring a goal in the first two. Oops. Series tied at 1 a piece.

and the Islanders went on to beat Presidents' Trophy winning Buffalo 3-2 as well, tying that series at 1 too.... also.


Calgary at Detriot - 1 PM
Ottawa at Pittsburgh - 6 PM
Anaheim at Minnesota - 8 PM
Vancouver at Dallas - 9:30 PM

(All times EDT)

Have a great day... live blog... not so live this time. I'm sick still. I shall do my best.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sorry i'm late...

Hi, having a bad day - or 2 days. I'm sick with a bad cold. Headaches suck & so does sneezing.



Nashville beat San Jose 5 - 2. Can you believe Cheechoo played? That knee to knee by Hartnell was scary. But he played.
San Jose ended the game with 57 penalty minutes. But not as much as the Preds and their 84 Penalty Minutes. Radulov hit Bernier from behind and has now been suspended for game 3. Jerk. I hate the Preds. Series tied at 1

Dallas shut down Vancouver 2-0. That was nice. They still looked tired from that marathon game from Wednesday. That series is tied at 1.

And Anaheim fought off the a Wild surge at the end of their game last night to win 3-2 and go up 2 game to none in the series.

Ottawa just tied their game with Pittsburgh at 1 a piece. There's still 10 left in the second period. Ottawa is going on the power play.

Sean Avery has scored for the Rangers to take a 1-0 lead in their game against Atlanta. There's just under the halfway mark for that game as well.

Tampa Bay & New Jersey at 7 PM EDT
Islanders & Sabres at 7:30 EDT

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Live Blog - Game 1 - Detroit 4, Calgary 1

Hasek vs Kipprusoff

Period 1
Zetterberg is back - Bertuzzi out. Flames are slow. Big hit on Lombardi via Schneider. Samuelsson trying to fight with someone. Wings get first Power Play. Woot. Slashing on Haselius. Zetterberg slowish and mishandling the puck - but first game in 20, he'll get it. Wings getting some great shots on net. HOLY SAVE BY HASEK!! Lots of puck mishandlings. Calgary likes to push and shove,huh? no score at 16:12.

SCOOOOORE!! FILPPULA!!! at 4:51! 1-0 Wings! Even strength.

Not shortness of hits on the part of the red wings. They came to play it looks like. Calgary penalty #2. Tangauy. SCORE HUDLER!! No, Lidstrom. 8:36 in.

Penalty on Red Wings - Datsyuk for slashing. Oooh, a breakaway - ish. Successful kill.

Another penalty on Calgary - Conroy for Holding.

VS has the game blocked out tonight. Thank god for FSN.

1/2 already on the power play with 4 shots. Oooh, Calgary almost effed up! Ugly save by Kipper. Cleared. PIcked up by samuelsson. Hudler to samuelsson, heBlocks lombardi. Shot on hasek saved.

Tripping on Samuelsson. 41 seconds of 4 on 4. Datsyuk shoots - calgary attempts to clear - kept in, oops, shot out by schneider. Calgary PPl. Iginla hit by Chelios. Hasek saves & hangs on. No rebound.

my 7 year old son told me what a rebound was earlier. it was cute.

Cleared out by detroit. brough back up behind net. Up to point. Cleared by Cleary. PP Over. Kris Draper was th 6th best Face off guy in the league. Detroit was best FO team.

Last minute of play. Lots of time this period in Calgary zone. HOlmer shoots. Save. Datsyuk hits someone. Centered to datsyuk & carried out. End of first

Wings up 2-0 after FIrst.

FSN Has Zetterberg interview.
Was he nervous? No, just had to keep his legs going. Felt great.
Said before the game? Keep the puck in their (Calgary) zone. Make no mistakes.

Shots on net in first Detroit 11, Calgary 7.
Penalties Detroit 2, Calgary 3
Hits. Detroit 16, Calgary 11.

Other games right now. Rangers 2, Thrashers 1 and New Jersey 1, Tampa Bay 0


Kippefusoff is making some great saves to start this period. Detroit with a 2 on 1, Kipper made an UNREAL save. Calgary is upset, and now its 4 on 4 now. Datsyuk has a hard time shooting it. Taken all the way back down. by the wings. Shot - damn, kipprusoff again. Hit at center by Franzen. Face off in Detroit End. Calgary putting on pressure Brought to calgary end taken back to Neutral zone, and back 5 on 5. Datsyuk SCORE! 3-0 Wings. Finally, after three great try's and he tucked it between kipprusoffs pads.

Shot on Kipper -saved. 7 1/2 gone nt he second. Penalty on Calgary. Primeau.

FYI - Live blog is kinda hard. Half of this shit is incohearant.

ALmost score. Couldn't get shot off. Schneider fans on it. Penalty over. SCOOOORE! Schneider with a Rocket shot. Nothing Kiprusoff could do. 10 left in the second. . 4-0 Wings!

Cleary to goal. Save Kiprusoff. Calgary tries, get blocked by Draper. Hasek Save. Can't find it, its in the corner. Point blank stop for Hasek - Pretty. Scrum in front Whistle.

Commercial. Breathe. Shots 24-11

Zetterberg takes it ti Kiprusoff - Save. Whistle. Not a lot on that shot. Face off controlled by Detroit. Franzen to close, no place to shoot. Cleared into Detroit end. Calgary holds the puck in detroit end but can't get a shot off. Kiprusoff gives it to Lidstrom, passes it to Datsyuk - Shot - Save. Penalty to Calgary. Headed to bench was both goalies. Wait, its on Detroit. Hank going in for holding.

Lankow with the puck, shot high. Chelios clears, killing time in the Calgary zone. Calgary ices it. Detroit controls faces off, but sent into detroit end and then cleared back up by Cleary again. Fough for in the corner, calgary comes out with it. Penalty over. Taken back into Calgary zone. Back out but picked up by Lebda and sent back - to chelios. HE takes it in and shoots. Save by Kiprusoff. Phaneuf looking to fight someone. Back into detroit zone. Taken by Lidstrom. Line change and its taken back into the Neutral zone. Husalius fans at it. HOlmer takes it to center. Cleary shoots it bcak to Detroit end. Back to center. to Det End. Sent down to calgary end. Filppula gets puck to chelios, shot saved. Another penalty on Calgary. 57 left in the second.

FYI - there is a bird in the building. ON the ice.

PP for the wings. Zetterberg to Schneider. Shot wide. HOlmstrom screens schneider. Datsyuk shoots wide and teh second is over.

3rd Period

Beginning of the 3rd. PP Detroit. Face off controlled by Detroit. Well, sort of. Icing on detroit. 54 seconds left in power play. Zetterberg to Datsyuk. to Lidstrom back to Datsyuk. Kpet in. Shot - Missed the net. BREAK AWAY CALGARY! Hasek SAVE! Scneider got caught in a rut and fell, letting in the man. Power Play over. Back out of detroit zone into Calgary zone. taken back out. Tanguay loses the puck. Hasek saves.. right thru the crease. Dom SAVE again! Trickles down the ice. Calder to lang to Samuelsson in front. SHOOT. Miss. Calgary changes - Detroit Changes. Hasek makes a save. Chelios is hurt and goes off the ice. Flames has 5 shots on net in the first 4 minutes of the 3rd. Thats all of their second period total. Puck moved end to end. Icing on calgary. Chelios was hit from behind , but is okay and back on the ice. No missed shifts. Calgary changes D. Back to calgary end. Bak to DEtroit end. Back to Calgary end. Fuck, its pong. Neutral Zone. To Calgary end... fuuuck. Detroit. Calgary - intercepted Save Kiprusoff. Lidstrom shot, save kiprusoff. Calgary hard to controlt he puck in Detroit End Detroit takes puck quickly. Icing on Calgary again. Their playing dump and chase. Detroit with some shots on kipper, all saved. cleared but taken back by the wings. Puck up, hits mesh and no call? offsides Calgary. Shot - zetterberg. Save on the short side. Markov HITS THE POST! Iginla runs Hank. Penalty.Iginla is pissed. Iginla tried tearing off Hanks head! Oooh, 5-3 for 2 full minutes. Iginla and Phaneuf both in the box. NO goals in that 5-3. Taken down by calgary - offsides on detroit.

WHistle with 7:57 left in the game. Iginla back in the box? Commercial.

(butterbean still fights?)

Were back. 4 on 4. Phaneuf and Schneider are in the box. Kipper stops a 60 footer. 1:02 left in 4 on 4 as hasek hangs onto a shot. 7 left in the game. WIngs win FO. Set up. Cleared to NZ. Up to Calgary zone. Iginla has NO shots in the game. 3 left in the 4 on 4... 2, 1, PP for the Flames. Held by calgary. Calgary Scores. Power play goal 4-1 Detroit. 5:05 left in teh game. That would have been a pretty save, instead it was an ugly goal.

Calgary is showing up finally. 4 left in the game, down by 3. Detroit sat back during the 5 on 3. Wish that was different now, huh? Zetterberg shoots in for a full change for Detroit. Calgary trying to prove soemthing for Sunday. This game is gone already for them. Shot in - soft on kipper. Saved. 2:23 left. Commercial.


Calgary moves it in, hasek picks up. Calgary starts a fight. Datsyuk, Schneider & Lidstrom have 2 pts each. Filppula has first ever PP goal. Hasek 19 saves.

2 minutes. Detroit End, Lebda takes it away. 3 on 2 as cleary bowls over Kiprusoff. Warrener piles on top. Draper in the middle. Here comes Markov. Kipper is acting hurt - he's fine. Brad Stewart has Cleary by the collar, shaking the eff out of him. Ritchie is being an arse. Cleary gets a penalty. They pull em apart. Richie & Stewart also get penalties. The loudspeaker at the Joe: "No one, And i mean No one, Comes into our house and pushes us around" Crowd goes wild. Kipper is ugly with black hair. Ugly anyway.

Back on the ice. Calgary on the PP. Extra two to Cleary for Goalie interfearance. Phanulf to chelios. Iginla gets a penalty. Check of the game to Franzen for a nice open ice check. Woot. 44 Left. Calgary still hitting hard.

Game over, Shots 46-20 Detroit. and Calgary is still starting fights after the horn.


Rangers beat Atlanta 4 - 3
New Jersey beat Tampa Bay 5-3
Buffalo beat the Islanders 4-1.

I can't tell you about them, i did not watch.

What did i learn? Live Blogs SUCK!

3:32 - Welcome to the 2007 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Tonight, i will post my first "live blog." And by "Will" i mean "Will attempt"
I broked the power cord to my laptop yesterday. I have a full battery and the power is off right now, but still. It may not last through the entire game. Figures, right? I might find a way past it though. Sitting caddywompus at my desk with my wireless keyboard might work.
I figured for any game that does not involve wings, i'll still write. Just not live. Last night i wrote it on paper - long story - I'll write it here exactly like it is down on paper.


Watched: Ottawa V Pittsburgh
WTF happend to Pittsburgh? People used to say that the wings were "to old" but is it possible for a team to be too young? There are 3 teenagers on that team. Granted, thankfully, one of them was the regular season scoring leader, and did finally score in the last minute of the game. Staal scored too, becoming the 5th youngest player to score in the playoffs.
Ottawa showed up with some fire under them. They skated, passed and scored. I missed the non-goal by Crosby and missed the replays as well. (Damn kids) So i'll stick with my "It shoulda been a goal" theory and say that i'm sure that had it not been called back, the game would have been a lot closer. Poor young Fleury looked scared and played scared. He calmed down after the second goal, but after the Crosby's goal was called back, it seemed to knock any wind that might have been in Pittsburgh's sails and Fleury. When they finally did start scoring, it was much to late.
Need to: Someone should have a talk with Fleury. Calm him down. Get his confidence up. They can go home with the series tied and use that momentum to win in the Igloo. Series? Ottawa 1-0

It's 2:15 Am and i'm still watching the Dallas/Vancouver game. We're about to start the 3rd period of overtime. Dallas has like 52 shots on net in the first 5 periods of this game. Detroit had 58 shots on net in 65 minutes last week. (we lost in a SO) Dallas is shooting like a MF, but like detroit, they aren't good quality shots. Vancouver has a short bench. Burros & Cook are out. They look tired. And those fans. Jesus, stop effing booing. I love that the refs are letting them play it out, but if those fans had their say, the Canucks would have a power play every two minutes... Joel Lundqvist shot the puck into the crossbar with 20 secons left in OT2, but alas --
I'll keep you posted...

Anaheim V Minnesota.
I really don't have anything to say about this game. It looks like it was a helluva boring game. Score 2-1 Anaheim. Let's Go Wild! Series? Series? Anaheim 1-0

Nashville V San Jose.
Also did not watch this game, but it looked exciting. Nashville tied it up at 4 with under a minute left in the game. The game went into a second OT when Rissmiller scored a pretty goal to win it. Hartnall effed up Cheechoo's knee - apparently purposely - wand was kicked out of the game. Tootoo was his normal dickhead self as well, getting boarding & roughing calls. Series? San Jose 1-0

Daniel from Henrik? Henrik from Daniel? I dont' effin know. It's 3:32 AM and there was less than 2 left in the FOURTH OT. Mama's tired. Shots - Dallas - 76, Vancouver - 56. That's how it works. Goodnight. Series? Vancouver 1-0